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香港デモ マスコミの嘘を見抜け 人権団体がマネーロンダリング?【及川幸久−BREAKING−】


It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa BREAKING NEWS Today's theme is the Hong Kong demonstration Human rights groups will send you money laundering Please join me Today I would like to share the latest information about the Hong Kong demonstration It has already appeared in some Japanese news Hong Kong's human rights groups have been arrested for money laundering The theme I want to raise today in connection with this news is To see through the lies of the media

First of all, what kind of news is Hong Kong police announced Organizations raising money for democratic demonstrations in Hong Kong It's an NGO organization, but the fund there is 980 million yen 980 million Approximately 1 billion Approximately 1 billion yen It was announced that about 1 billion yen was frozen in Japanese yen That ’s the Hong Kong Human Rights NGO ’s Starfire Alliance It was written as Star Fire and it was called Spark in English Star Fire Alliance is here to support the democrats in Hong Kong I'm collecting money Four officials have been arrested for doing money laundering with the collected money And A bank called HSBC who had a bank account of this star fire alliance The largest bank in Hong Kong This means that the bank account for this bank has been suspended The Starfire Alliance is There are a lot of arrested people in the Hong Kong demonstration I don't really know how many thousands are out Democratic arrested people are raising money for their bail With the funds raised for their bail I need a lawyer For bail, you need to pay the lawyer's fee and then bail It is an organization that supports this The organization is using crowdfunding to raise funds I'm collecting all the money in this crowdfunding It's such an organization The donations collected by this organization are transferred to the organization's dummy company And that money is used for investment This was money laundering This report is actually published in the media of the world The point is that it's a democratic support organization and a fake manon trader

I think this is spread all over the world In the Japanese media, the Jiji Newsletter and the Nikkei Shimbun also appeared, All are lies Everything is a lie This Star Fire Alliance is While doing a steady fundraising campaign for support in the city of Hong Kong like this And because we're crowdfunding, we collect donations from around the world through the internet So everyone who supports Hong Kong knows The Starfire Alliance says that what kind of organization is doing wonderful activities Many people have been arrested, especially young people and students, by the terrible way of this Hong Kong police Once they are arrested, they will be able to manage within 48 hours It ’s very important, this is a speed game in this support activity It is said that after 48 hours, you can almost no longer release anything So the Starfire Alliance took immediate action I have a lawyer and the money of the lawyer is raised by the money they raised You can't bail without a lawyer, and of course you need bail I'm doing this within 48 hours The most trusted and trusted NGO in Hong Kong demonstrations Hong Kong Police has been watching this NGO for a long time I've always wanted to stop supporting the Star Fire Alliance It was already informed among those trying to support Hong Kong through the Starfire Alliance If this HSPC account is frozen in November It was already transmitted The Star Fire Alliance was informing the supporters that they should suspend this donation This is the primary information I know It ’s primary information, so there ’s no doubt about it

However, the Hong Kong Police has named an NGO Four people are arrested for wearing such wet clothes called money laundering Are you four arrested? The four arrested are released shortly afterwards That means The lie of the Hong Kong Police and the press who reported what they said was There is really much about this Hong Kong demonstration In the story that you have to see through the lies of the media In that sense, the press doesn't really have the truth about this Hong Kong demonstration You have to look carefully at the press as the truth isn't coming out And it is the net that really tells the truth I don't know what's really going on unless I go through the internet like Twitter In that sense, the latest information on Twitter about Hong Kong right now is this The Hong Kong demonstration is evolving now The Hong Kong demonstration is not only in Hong Kong In fact, it has already spread throughout China What is called the Overthrow China Alliance is now being created This is the CCP government The Chinese Communist Party government in New Evil Empire in English I ’m talking about a new evil empire on Twitter In this New Evil Empire to fight this Actually Tibet, Uyghur, Inner Mongolia These people are called so-called ethnic minorities They don't think they're ethnic minorities, but they're independent people in the first place, Falun Gong Falun Gong has been persecuted by China for a long time And Christians recently persecuted by the Chinese government In addition, Uyghurs have been in this concentration camp all the time, And the Chinese unemployed These people are now trying to form something like an anti-China alliance It ’s actually the latest situation This was just recently in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia In front of the Chinese embassy in Jakarta Muslims are demonstrating and praying to help Uyghurs This is everyone sitting Sitting in front of the Chinese embassy A so-called Islamic prayer You head down like a five-pointed head, stand up again and sit down again I'm doing this on a rainy day Like this Opposition to China is actually spreading around the world In fact, it is the latest situation that it is spreading like a wild field fire One of them was that even in Japan, the truth couldn't be communicated unless it was online China is trying to communicate the situation of this human rights crackdown on the Internet One of the new channels I would like to introduce is the East Turkistan Channel

The Uyghur Federation of Japan Mr Tour Muhammet, the representative, I also know this person well As the Japan Uyghur Federation that this tour Muhammet is doing A new YouTube channel called the East Turkestan Channel has been launched Please search the East Turkestan channel on YouTube search It comes out with such a blue Uyghur's original national flag symbol There aren't many videos yet In the video of Tours already uploaded When you listen, you can understand the current situation that does not appear in the terrible story media This situation in East Turkistan Uyghur This is an important channel where Tours regularly communicates to Japanese people in Japanese That ’s all for today Thank you for watching

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