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♪ ~ It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa Today's theme is breaking news We will send you by saying that the US unemployment rate is 147% worst after the war and the stock price rises still Please go out with us I'm shooting this video today at about midnight on May 8th American time is morning of May 8 May 8th This morning It was the day when the economic statistics that the world was paying attention to were announced The unemployment rate for April in the US The whole world was paying attention to what kind of number it would be Now this Employment statistics for April The unemployment rate is 14

7% It was 44% in March, but it is the worst number after the war further The number of employees is 205 million less than the previous month 205 million jobs lost compared to March This is the largest reduction ever So in April one month one out of eight American workers I mean I lost my job So it ’s the worst after the war, the biggest decrease ever The result was very news, I think the Japanese media will probably make a fuss about that

But this number wasn't as bad as I expected I mean Originally, the unemployment rate was 16%, 147% Of course it was the worst after the war, but it was better than expected Better say that it wasn't as bad as I thought The number of employees was also expected to be 215 million people losing their jobs It was a little better than that That means Today's May 8th morning announcement 1 day ago May 7th The number of new unemployment insurance applications was also an important number This was announced one day ago There were 3,169,000 unemployment insurance applications between April 26 and May 2

This was more than expected because there were 3 million predictions However, since there were 6 million cases in late March, Compared to that, the number of applications for unemployment insurance is also fairly stable Yesterday the stock in New York went up The world is still paying attention today, and the stock price has risen after the worst number It ’s about $ 300 at the moment and of course I do n’t know what ’s going to happen today Rising In this way, the employment statistics have the worst numbers, The strange phenomenon that stock prices are rising is happening right now It was just a little bit as we expected, Just here this employment problem That's all for breaking news, but today Because this current US employment situation suggests that it will happen in Japan I thought it was very important and I wanted to cover it today I mean After unlocking It's happening in the United States that you earn less than your unemployment allowance What it means is that the lockdown has been lifted and I am starting to return to work

In May I think the worst number after the war will be better But what happens when you get back to work? There is already such an ironic phenomenon that income is lost compared to unemployment allowance while losing work What does this mean March decided by Trump administration and US Congress Large-scale economic stimulus law of 2 trillion dollars This economic stimulus law expanded unemployment benefits Until July 31 In addition to the conventional unemployment allowance $ 600 is added every week, $ 600 per week It has been added and further state unemployment allowance will come in this time At both the federal and state levels Before lockdown More income comes from this unemployment than income That kind of ironic phenomenon was happening People naturally understand this if they calculate it right away

So there were so many unemployed people in April 1 in 8 over 20 million unemployed It's certainly tough, but in a sense this allowance was too good Actually, I was glad that I was unemployed or applied for this unemployment insurance Was happening all over the United States But the lockdown is released What is waiting for employees who are released and returned Working hours will be shorter than before Even if the lockdown is released, it does not return to the original Working hours are regulated Because it's in the United States, there are chips in restaurants

Chips become fewer chips That's because a limit on the number of customers entering a store is mandatory in most states Social distance will continue Various shops in Japan Even in the shops that are currently open There are various things happening that I have to vacate one seat each Because the same thing has already happened in America Even if Japan's self-restraint is lifted The number of customers entering the store will decrease by about half That means It means that your salary will decrease and your working hours will decrease It ’s the world after the virus that ’s happening right now It's already happening in America, but maybe the same thing happens in Japan What this means is the fear of deflation

It seems that America is finally going into deflation As if to symbolize it What's the cheapest asset in the world right now? It's not a stock or a bond Because the stock is up It ’s a commodity In the sense of a product Why Stocks and rebuilding have the potential to be boosted by liquidity Liquidity is cash Now the US government Issued a large amount of cache And at the same time the Fed is giving out unlimited cash So now the cache is huge The rise in liquidity has boosted the market price of stocks and rebuilding

But commodities Products are not subject to such liquidity Has the character of being strongly influenced by the real economy In that sense, commodities are not rising now Stocks and bonds are up, but commodities aren't up The symbol is crude oil For some time, crude oil went to zero or became negative I just returned from there, but I'm still back and forth in the $ 20 range The hardest thing to do then is an American shale company It is said that the break-even point for American shale companies is $ 40-50 If the current $ 20 level continues like this You ’re going to get a devastating blow So this really symbolizes deflation Even if the stock price wonders why The real economy is likely to be like this So The severe world after unlocking has already become a phenomenon in America This may happen in Japan That ’s all for today ’s newsletter

Thank you for watching ♪ ~

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