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町山智浩のVIDEO SHOP UFO『三人の女性への招待状』後解説(警告!ネタバレ有)


Sure "Invitation to 3 ladies" How was it? It ’s a bit tough to get again to Donden It ’s a film that ’s going to be like a very good one, It ’s like a function of this director ’s Mankiwitz This particular person has plenty of donden return anyway

He ’s a robust screenwriter “All of Eve” is de facto going from one to the subsequent It’s related with surprising growth And in a film that this particular person was concerned in There’s a film known as “Detective” That can be a relationship between two folks With the enjoyable that the place is altering an increasing number of I don't know which is correct Which one is telling a lie or true The viewers is misplaced It is going to finally grow to be a shock that it doesn’t matter what occurs That director's I believe Mankiwitz is nice at it However this mankiwitz is He ’s additionally the director of essentially the most unsuccessful film in American movie historical past That's this "Cleopatra" That is additionally Rex Harrison A film firm known as 20th Century Fox made a wager I may n’t do it simply, It took some huge cash whereas I used to be doing it I spent a lot cash That you just ca n’t afford to finish it

Extra I obtained tousled and made some hits The cash I've been spending to this point is just too large The film firm itself known as 20th Century Fox Destroyed one movie firm itself It ’s a film that ’s nearly gone And since this Mankiwitz was concerned It ’s type of like his profession has been misplaced right here Then I took it with an easy feeling This film And this film is de facto superbly shot What is gorgeous It might be completely different from the center That is why The primary photographer was Gianni di Venanzo It ’s a photograph taken by a grasp of the Italian movie trade That ’s why it ’s so good This particular person is an individual who has at all times been filming with Fellini As a result of it was the one that took all of Fellini's “eight half” or one thing like that

The portray is superb and lovely This particular person's film is an individual who can shoot two varieties I'm an individual who can take footage of realism-cut landscapes That ’s why I ’m additionally filming director Antonioni ’s movie Then it provides the ambiance of a contemporary metropolis that was slaughtered Even when taking pictures with Fellini Fellini could make two kinds of films One is a realism killing that may also be taken However it ’s “eight half” Fellini's luxurious and lovely wealthy life Somebody who can take that too I ’m employed by Wealthy on this film So it feels very wealthy It ’s crucial I'm gonna say this as a result of it's already on this film In spite of everything, Rex Harrison was neither wealthy nor wealthy All furnishings is borrowed I'll present you the place you borrowed It ’s written as Cinecitta I simply borrowed Cinecitta props I'm renting it so it's a film firm Cinecitta is a spot the place Fellini has been lively for a very long time It was the placement of photographer Venanzo So why ought to we be in Venice? It ’s a narrative that involves gentle

However I ponder if I might n’t discover if I used to be in that place That's not actual I ponder if it ’s actual as a result of Italians love the actual factor I do n’t know, however that bizarre It ’s a narrative about film followers I mentioned some time in the past, together with that half “Confidence man JP” is nearly the identical story The furnishings that scammers have at all times borrowed The sample of pretending to be wealthy begins right here However as I mentioned, there’s a story within the 16th century Possibly everybody has been doing it since a very long time in the past That was the story of “Daylight Blind Spot” I suppose scams have been doing the identical for tons of of years The story was rolling round on this film Or the story of a homicide from the center Is n’t there an odd feeling or suddenness round that? The sensation that you simply wouldn't have a hidden line Though Mankiwitz is nice at I don't assume it was within the 16th century What’s the story? It ’s not likely about Rex Harrison Not the story of the three wealthy folks It was the story of my accompany, Maggie Smith You possibly can see that the actual heroine of this story was her I believe it's effectively achieved

The making of this film Most likely Neil Simon ’s I believe it has an affect on "Detective Look" “Detective Look” All the nice detectives are gathered in a single place It ’s about being examined there Some individuals are hard-boiled and a few are Holmes-type detectives Varied detectives are gathered in a single mansion So the homicide case is solved It ’s about taking a take a look at to resolve a homicide That's just like the plot That ’s why I believe it ’s an enormous affect What feels just like Koki Mitani's drama Watching this film I believe that’s as a result of the roots are literally the identical Neil Simon That ’s the Ben Johnson drama that I simply talked about I believe it ’s due to its roots

So this film is produced by the producer I ’m Charles Okay Feldman This particular person is Marilyn Monroe Though he is called the producer of "The Seventh 12 months Dishonest" This particular person's film has many films like this What does this really feel like? A phenomenal lady, a stupendous man and an fool collect within the mansion Lots of people speak about making a noise This particular person ’s film is a film that was achieved on this sample There ’s a film known as “Kitten Chan, what ’s fallacious?” It’s a playboy performed by Peter O'Toole The feminine itinerant of the ladies of the previous

I believed it was nearly the identical, however I believed I made plenty of films like that Normally in an opulent home indoors like this film Wealthy and exquisite folks An individual who has filmed quite a few films This particular person is wonderful “What's good, Kitten Chan” Discover Woody Allen who was simply an entertainer That is the one that found Woody Allen Then the final masterpiece of his late years The film “007 / On line casino Royale” It ’s at all times been plenty of planning for varied screenwriters The screenplay was tousled whereas I used to be turning As a result of I lastly left it to Woody Allen Turn into a loopy comedy 007 James Bond comes out with many individuals There are lots of folks, some ladies And there are plenty of administrators As I mentioned, there are 5-6 screenplays In a film that may't be utterly collected Like I mentioned earlier, like an invite to 3 ladies Plainly nobody can consider it with the countless return The film “007 / On line casino Royale” was utterly I don't know what’s The historical past of films The place that it was made or has been made It ’s a really fascinating place for an individual named Feldman

That's the place this film results in varied locations And in the event you've seen it, That is an software that works I can do one thing with this story It was an fascinating film So it was an “invitation to 3 ladies” See you subsequent time

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