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♪~ It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa Today's theme is We will send it at "Kurdish Association that does not support Shibuya Kurdish discrimination demonstration" Please go out with us Last month on May 25th in Minneapolis, USA Case of black man George Floyd dying from police violence Starting from this, not only in the United States but now in the world Against black discrimination Against racial discrimination Demos are being held I have told you several times on this channel The Japanese version is the "Kurdish discrimination demonstration" in Shibuya About this thing Of course, if it’s a peaceful and legal demonstration, there’s no problem

The question is, are these demos related to Antifa? Because of the relationship with the terrorist group called Antifa Like happening in America and other parts of Europe It may be in a violent form Isn't assault and looting likely to happen in Japan? This is where I worry So Regarding racism demonstration In a way before it happened in Japan like a looting I want to think about the back It’s also my position on this channel Black Lives Matter in Japan It's an anti-racism campaign that says that black lives are important This corresponds to Demonstration to protest police violence against Kurds in Japan this is It has been held twice from May 30th to June 6th In this way, it is repeatedly reported in the Japanese media and internet I think many people know it now It was taken up by Yahoo News Protest against Kurdish assault by Shibuya police station again Protest against the US hate crime This is the second demonstration on June 6th

What was the beginning May 22nd in Shibuya at 3:30pm Police questioned a Kurdish man driving This is the incident that triggered this What happened Kurdish men driving this day It seems that this person is in his 30s and has been in Japan for more than 10 years Apparently he was going to the dentist I had a dentist's appointment so I was in a hurry I was asked a job question However, I refused it because I had an appointment with the dentist and continued driving Then the police car persistently followed me and was stopped I was stopped and the police spit on me and told me not to lick me I was asked to show my license A friend who was in the car was taking a picture of it with a smartphone When I was shooting a smartphone, the police ordered me to erase the video I had no choice but to erase it But since the video was left on the cloud, Later that video was played on SNS It has developed into a protest demonstration that police are such a terrible thing This is May 22 In Minneapolis, USA George Floyd died on May 25 It happened before the American incident In response to it In the US, after May 25th The Black Lives Matter spread Receiving that flow The protest demonstration is held twice in Shibuya on June 30th, June 6th

About this event June 14 two days ago, Japan Kurdish Cultural Association issued a statement This is Facebook I will put the link of this Facebook in the description section later The contents of the Kurdish Cultural Association statement are now in the news I think it's pretty well out on Twitter The statement is written in this way This statement is written very clearly and carefully I would like to convey this content accurately so that there is no misunderstanding First it is written In front of Shibuya police station on the 30th of last month We announce our views on Kurdish demonstrations It took a lot of time to check the facts to the various parties concerned, and it became very late So It seems that the fact confirmation was done quite a bit That's why I'm writing politely This is the main subject First of all, we are not in a position to support the demonstration I expressly state that I have no involvement I mean you’re not involved in the demo first

The Kurdish act that started the uproar this time There is no room to defend against the laws and customs of Japan If he adheres to traffic rules and responds to police requests appropriately I wonder if the police have also taken such a response Is written This time the demonstration in front of the Shibuya police station Most of the Japanese participants were All the people who weren't usually involved in Kurdish support activities I have confirmed A demo that is hard to say that there is a good reason like this one On the contrary, it seems to have contributed to the prejudice against Kurds in Japan I'm saying Some of the people involved in this case Spreading false information about the Kurds Please refrain from this as well Is written Here is the summary of the points First, the Kurdish Cultural Association of Japan does not support the Shibuya demonstration Do not defend Kurdish parties Shibuya Demonstration Participants There are no Japanese who are usually Kurdish support activities I have pointed out Furthermore, we say that we respect Japanese laws and customs why Kurdish Cultural Association on this matter of Kurds living in Japan Are you saying that you don't support the demo and don't care for this person? It was originally written that it was a fact check Apparently the fact is like this First of all, the Kurds certainly refused the job question

After that, shake off the police car and overtake the police car at a rapid speed In addition, the shape of the police car If you are changing lanes without turning off the blinker This is suspected of violating the Road Traffic Law, so the police car pursued It seems that he had caught him and asked for his license What if this was Japanese Would have been exactly the same Because I was a foreigner It’s hard to say that he was a Kurdish person So The demonstration against discrimination against the Kurds is That was the statement that it was hard to say there was a good reason Furthermore, it seems that this Kurdish didn't have a license However, because the place is Shibuya, the traffic was likely to get worse I'm not sure if this information was released on the spot Apparently it was

To summarize here The act of the Japanese police doing something similar to a criminal act to a foreigner who does not obey the police Yes, there may have been rants or violence I wonder if this is called discrimination This Kurdish person has been fluent in Japanese since they have been there for decades If I'm not doing anything wrong One-sided violence Kicked body is full of wounds When I went to the hospital, I was told that the cure was one month So I'm told you want to sue the police I don’t know if there was a certain amount of excessive violence But as a premise, there was a suspicion of criminal activity here The job question was asked

Is this called discrimination? I think there is room for discussion here Moreover In the statement from the Kurdish Cultural Association Unfortunately, Japanese media, academic institutions, and other organizations There was no interview about Kurdish community views I expressed my view here Is written in this way Demonstration against Kurdish discrimination What was this demo all about? I can say that there wasn't a demonstration for the Kurds Exactly the same It is hard to say that the demonstration against black discrimination spread in the United States is a demonstration for black people I mean Has been looted or arson Most of the victims are mostly black shops I can say that I'm against black discrimination Similarly, even if you move against the bases in Okinawa Isn’t the purpose the same? I think it can be said that the left wing criticizes its own government Moreover Why the press still does not report the Kurdish Cultural Association statement The statement came out on June 16th today 14 days 2 days ago Who set up the Kurdish discrimination protest Is this an Antifa in Japan or is it somehow a corps? I don't understand this This is the Kurdish Cultural Association Facebook that issued the statement On the evening of June 6th, when the second protest was held This is a post on Facebook I'm introducing a link to such a video by briefly explaining it

"Easy commentary: Relationship between Turkey, Kurds and Trump" This video is a video I uploaded The video I uploaded to this channel was posted on October 17th last year Kurdish people are difficult for Japanese people to understand It's a video that I wanted to explain as easily as possible This is introduced here Just because you introduced my video I am not in the position of Kurdish Association Because I have never been in contact with the Kurdish Cultural Association I didn't know that this kind of video was uploaded Until today So let me tell you that In conclusion, oppose discrimination and rampage in front of the police And it's a left-wing party with some parties I don't dare name out Some political parties are in tune as a result The reality is that discrimination is more encouraged I personally also in England and America Experience the position of a foreigner The position of a foreigner is that even if you have a visa and a work permit, It’s a very unstable position If you do not have the citizenship of that country Unless you have citizenship, but you do not have citizenship It's really an unstable position to be a foreigner If something happens, the jobs and housing that are currently allowed will be blown away Kurdish people still find work in Japan then I have to rent a house, so make a rental contract There must have been many difficulties at that time

In a country that I haven't heard about because I'm a foreigner Kurds have no country This person seems to have Turkish nationality, but just because he is Kurdish It’s hard to find a job It's not uncommon for a house to be decided Despite these difficult times To Japanese people who are not familiar with this kind of saying that they are against Kurdish discrimination Even if you say that you are against discrimination and you are supported, it is rather annoying I think we should know that it is Kurdish position It's all for today Today Thank you for watching

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