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Hi guys It's Masaru here

Today we'll be looking at THIS!! A fish called "Grouper" It actually weighs 20

7kg (456 lbs) It was fished out from 300m (984ft) under the sea And this fish can get as big as 150kg (330lbs) It's so big and it looks totally different so that

in the past, we used to think they are two different species and the bigger one was called "Kannagi" in Japanese We still call it that way in fact Let's have a closer look at it now Due to the water pressure, the eyes are popped out But the stomach is still inside

No I can't open it Too tight And we can see a set of stripes, which is very unique to groupers And the stomach is totally plumped up Which is it? My guess is it's not air

What is it? First I though this was "Eightbar Grouper" If the edge of the tail is white, then it's "Grouper" And if it's not white, then it's "Eightbar Grouper" And it's so slimy See how stringy this is? Like this area Really slimy

Very stringy Then I'll start filleting now but in fact with this fish, the bigger it becomes, the tastier it will be which means, this one must be delicious Without further ado Let's get tot it!! These pectoral fins get in the way as I score it so let's chop them off It has come off

Wow This is sticky Then let's start scoring This looks like an easy one to do it This cutting board is 90cm long, and still the tail does not fit in so this should be like 1m and 5cm or something It's really thin right here The skin is pretty thin around the stomach

These fins are also getting in the way, so let's chop them off as well Pretty hard this is Ok

I totally understand now This area, the skin is very thin but Here

Just right here it is very thin If you ever have to break down a 20kg grouper, you must remember this for real Alright Let's move on to the other side This must be heavy

Groupers have spiky skin, so it's hard to hang on to it Come on! Good boy From here, let's fast-forward Amazing As I just got rid of the scales, the blood is seeping through How does it work? Now we still have the head undone Alright

Let's make it stand up Come on up! Well Oh no

Over to the other side Come on up!! I really enjoy scaling It's hard to do it here, where it has an angle to it Because you have to tilt the knife too

Sliminess of this fish is outrageous It's been scaled and yet, it is still stringy like this We'd better wash it now

I guess it will smell a lot if I leave it like that Cool This is much better now Then there still are some scales left here so I will score it again

This part must be clean otherwise the knife won't go in When you use this scaling technique you'll have to hold the knife at an angle like this so

you can't really take care of this section right here So you need to scale it with a normal method like this Just for this part

Now it's been totally scaled so let's open up the stomach now I will go in from an anus right here

I guess it is just air inside Yes, it is I can cut here easily if I hit right in the centre What's this? Indescribable, these organs are

I will let my left hand do the job I'm ripping off the membrane attached to the organs Wow It's so cold! And it hurts! It hurts Stinks This stinks a lot Good The guts are out now It's all mixed up and I can't make it out These could be eggs Yes, they are And these are pyloric caeca Then

A liver I don't know what's going on with the intestines Why are they all together like this? Now let's chop the head off It's still slimy It never seems to stop It's quite deep Down to the meat Let's do the other side too

Come on! Still slimy Let me twist the head A good twist should do the work

This is huge Let's cook this on a wooden stove Then let me wash this bloody bit off

OK Done Now it's all been prepped I will cut open this head and cook it with charcoal at the next episode And these pieces of scales

They must be tasty if I wash and fry them up Fried scales Now I'm going to fillet this into 3 pieces but

for an amateur like myself it won't be easy if it's wet so I will pad it dry first I'll use a Deba knife, very unusual of me though

make an incision on the skin first The other side as well Wait! Too heavy! Come on! Very heavy At the end of the tail meat

Another incision Let's do the back side too Deba is easy to work with in fact

It's easy to let it do the work But the length of the blade isn't enough The rib bones attached to the spine are too hard so I will use the scissors

And as I anticipated, it's still bleeding Right at the base of Engawa meat I can see some fat running through This fish must be tasty after all The meat looks very clean just like any grouper you come across Let's move on to the other side

Come on! It looks like nothing but chicken I guess some of you may wonder why I refuse to use a deba knife A deba knife is

a single-edged knife so it's flat on the other side which means if you run the knife like this as it has an angle to it

it cuts in also at an angle And this is only a personal thing but I don't like it And this is a Gyuto, a chef's knife This is double-sided Ouch That was close It's the same on both sides So if I cut in like this it just goes straight in

Did you get it? Just a personal preference though Well Let's continue on Let's move on to the other side I'm cutting along the spine now And the other side too

Let's chop off the rib bones now So heavy I'm thinking to do Shabu-Shabu dish today so let's get the stock out of this bony bit But these fins will make it smelly, so I'll remove them Very hard Look at this! Bigger than my face, I guess Like this

About the same size Let's take this cloacal fin off too This should be easy Yes It's come off

Let's do the dorsal fin next It's not really connected to each other I don't want to take too long on this so I'll just whack it off Well This could be used too but

maybe not this time I will use this part only Place the knife between the joints and Pretty hard

It's done Next up Let's get rid of the rib bones now

Still a piece of thin skin is attached to it and it can be smelly so let's take it off as well This should do it, I guess Ok Let's remove the pin bones now

Let's take off this side as well Very good So today

Let me take the best part This belly section right here Not as fatty, so it may not matter much though

And I can see some fat around here so I will use this part too Too big And out of the back section where should I pick? Let's cut in halves anyway It's too big Around here maybe This bit The rest of it goes to my friends

Deba knife has its own merits Meat does not stick to it, which is good While this knife it sticks a bit You may not be able to see it through the screen Yes

Like this Meat really sticks to the knife Actually a deba knife is better I admit A lot of fish right here Tired of wrapping it up Alright then Let's do the fried scales first

I've done this before with a blacktip grouper and it was so good So I am really excited about this too

Let's do it It's way too long like this so let me chop into pieces first

Deba knife will be better It's quite slimy, so I have to cut it in a single stroke Slimy Cool Let's put salt and rub it in It may break apart 2nd time around Let's pad it dry next It's totally clean now It worked This may not be enough

I can manage somehow This smells so good Let's prepare the soup for Shabu-Shabu hotpot

Pour the hot water to get rid of the smell Just like this, smelly juice is running down And then into the pot Quite a lot 100% guaranteed to be good Until this gets boiling, let's slice up the fish Let's cut the fish into slices

Yes Well What should I do? I have to slice really thin but

Let me try my best Not quite enough But it's ok Let's add this Engawa section, which is the only fatty part of the fish Into thin slices too And this belly section

Let's use it as one of the items in the hotpot And this remainder goes in too Look at this fat coming up

Smells so good And these bony parts have done the job So let's get rid of them Wow This smells so good

And the fish slices that I have just prepped earlier Ouch! are going in And Chinese cabbage too

Into random chunks Finished!! Finally it's finished Let's try Shabu-Shabu first This can't go wrong Let's eat

Wow So good Super delicious Texture is very soft and this stock is really flavourful too This is so good Then a regular piece of fish next Let's eat This is outrageous Much better than shabu-shabu piece The texture is

how can I put it? Slightly firmer version of cod fish or something And the flavour under the skin is exceptional Really good

Unbelievable Pleasantly surprised Simply delicious Probably the best fish that I had in a pod dish The stock extracted from the bones is great

And the flavour coming from under the skin is also fantastic Ridiculously good Let's try the fried scales too Let's eat This is so so good

But blacktip grouper is better for this recipe Texture is very similar to fried bones of small fish like horse mackerel and stuff This is ok Very crispy That was a good meal! In fact while I was filleting, I tested it as sashimi and

I thought it was little too plain and missing something So I did shabu-shabu hotpot but this simple way of cooking was actually the best method for this fish That's my conclusion Yes In the next episode

I have a 50-year old stove outside the house so I will be grilling the head of the grouper Please look forward that one too This is all for today and thanks for watching Bye!

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