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[尬譯]ep.1 Breaking Benjamin – Ashes of Eden到底是什麼意思勒


#Stay with me don't let me go # #Because there's nothing left at all # #Stay with me don't let me go # #Until the ashes of Eden fall # I originally wanted to call this series awkward to translate Later I checked the Internet to find out what it means

Welcome to Embarrassed Channel I'm Embarrassed Ren (Ma's Embarrassed) That ’s it On 8/12 this year, I organized a 20-day “Awkward Forking Wishing Tower” Everyone can comment on the song stories I want to see Unconditionally remove bits based on the total number of messages divided by 10

Select the most liked content to make a video What? See here you have n’t liked it by fan? There ’s no button for joking, do n’t you think about it? Sorry (´; ω; `) Today this video is about Breaking Benjamin Ashes of Eden's story First let's introduce this song This song comes from Breaking

Benjamin Chinese Translation Crazy Benjamin Dark Before Dawn's 2015 album This six-year-old album was immediately loved by old fans, Whether it is a thick chorus, a full chord, All very Benjamin? (Repost) In short, they maintain a consistent style In addition to everyone's favorite crazy brushing and howling, Their unplugged or lighter songs on the album are no exception (the first case), Forever from the first album Forget it and Rain Then come today's protagonist-Ashes of Eden This song runs through the whole song with only 3 notes (chords), The rhythm of the drum is only repeated for a while The purpose is not to let the soundtrack take the singing style and highlight the content of the lyrics Finally come to the point of this film, Now I ’m here to show you what mysteries are in this MV What does this song mean? This is one of Ban Zheming's few songs with MV, At first the band was like a space station Benjamin is in the master position Next, I discovered that there is a space intelligence or a human, Not quite sure, let me call him the hero He was left in space The heroine set off from the space ship in a seemingly order to pull him back, The actor failed to grasp it at this time, Falling because of Earth's gravity The heroine also made the most important decision: She decided to untie the rope and follow the lead Burned together by the atmosphere

The two souls came to earth, and there is no longer any symbol of life At best, there are only two lumps of dust But as things change stars, I do n’t know if it was a city hundreds or thousands of years later, Two men and women who should be strangers, They all get the same response, From their determined eyes, they can confirm Each other is the two lives that have lost their connection In the last scene, the two clenched their arms, They won't let go in this life Little boy, do you hear entanglements? This MV was very exciting and it caused a lot of discussion Speculation and explanation Some people say that the hero and heroine are alien Adam and Eve

Fell to the Garden of Eden, That's what we mean by Earth Someone is watching Seeing the beautiful yin and yang symbols intertwined when the male and female protagonists fall Let's hear what the lead singer and head Benjamin Burnley explained Ben explained in an interview with a billboard, He wants to make a modern version of the science fiction MV of Adam and Eve The plot may be subject to Star Trek (Star Wars) The impact of the fifth episode of gravity, He described "two lives in space separated from the spacecraft, Falling to a watery planet, At that time, the earth was not what the earth was known to mankind, As the sun and the moon changed, they evolved into humans, Finally found each other again " Ashes of Eden, On behalf of Ben believes that there is a real fate

Some people think that this MV also expresses that God and the soul are not only concepts, It is real (Although the translator does not believe in ww) Finally, excerpt a piece of lyrics that touched me the most 8

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