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国家安全法施行香港の自由を守る戦い米国 英国 国連【及川幸久−BREAKING−】


It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa Today's theme is "National Security Law Enforcement: Fighting Freedom in Hong Kong USA United Kingdom United Nations" I will send it Please go out with us Today is July 1st, so July 1st is It's an anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China As a result, it is called the Hong Kong SAR It’s also the day when a very unique city was born

But regarding this day US Secretary of State Pompeo As of this date, Hong Kong is no longer China And this is true What is happening today about national security law I'm thinking of collecting them all together So far, this theme has appeared many times on this channel If this law were passed, Hong Kong would no longer be Hong Kong As Pompeo says, it's decided that Hong Kong is China The procedures for enforcing the National Security Law It was also a ridiculous procedure June 30 yesterday It has been approved Yesterday in China It will take effect immediately at midnight on July 1st The problem is that it wasn't published at all until the text of this law was passed I didn't really know what it was like Before that, the NPC standing committee that passed this I announced about this kind of content The article itself was not announced at all So no one in the world knew that Yes never midnight on 1st July at midnight Article was published for the first time one hour before the enforcement This is not the law Ordinary law is Before being passed, these laws were announced at the stage of the bill Even if the bill becomes legal, Show the law to the target citizens It takes a transition period until the content is understood and spread Then this is the normal democratic procedure Without showing any content until decided Yes Only 1 hour to disclose until enforcement This is no longer a law This is just a crackdown and a threat that looks like a law Who is threatened What is threatened is Is a Hong Kong democratization organization/company/university/school/media And so does the Internet In Hong Kong, the internet has been free so far There were a lot of people from Hong Kong sending out online

This is going to get harder In particular, democratization groups Collaboration with the US and Europe, which are the subject of crackdowns Cooperation with the West is a crime because it is against the law Since this is the democratization organization in Hong Kong, Leaders who have been involved in democratization groups It is said that he may be arrested one after another Especially attracting attention Shimmy Rye and Joshua Wong These two It has been talked for a few days that he might be arrested immediately Jimmy Lai is the media king of Hong Kong An entrepreneur and wealthy man with powerful media in Hong Kong Joshua Wong This person is a former leader of a democracy democracy Yesterday the democist was disbanded and he too left the democist Why Jimmy Lai and Joshua Wong There is talk about being arrested This is the reason Chinese People's Daily June 28th This is an editorial

There was an editorial like this America's Vice President Mike Pence meets with an agitator Jimmy Lai And then Nancy Pelosi, the American House of Representatives Because I met a Hong Kong independence person named Joshua Wong Meet the Vice President of the United States and the US House of Representatives Since we are colluding with foreign and Western powers, This is a violation of the law But this law came into effect today, July 1 Perhaps it's a story that will be applied retroactively So the People's Daily It is said that they may bother the names of these two people Jimmy Lai is said to be an agitator Surely so But Joshua Wong was It always appears in the Chinese state-run media, He is not a hong kong independence Because he’s seeking Hong Kong’s autonomy, I don't say independence It's another group that says independence in Hong Kong

But by labeling him an independenceist You're trying to catch Joshua Wong If you get arrested here Being arrested as a criminal who violated the law It turns out that Hong Kong is not the only one The article was finally disclosed, and in this article There is Article 38 There is a lot of Japanese tweets on this day, though There is such a text in Article 38 of this law Even if you are not a resident of Hong Kong If you commit a crime defined by this law outside of Hong Kong This law applies How do you interpret First of all, even if you are not a Hong Kong resident For example, even a Japanese in Japan Even if it’s Japan, for example, in a place other than Hong Kong, If you commit a crime defined by this law, this law will apply For example Take this video on my channel This video is a threat to the national security of Hong Kong If this is interpreted as a crime in the light of this law It means that they may be subject to arrest Actually, this article itself is a very vague expression It is currently unknown how this article will be applied Such an article is You can use as many as you like depending on the interpretation theory How much can be exploited Who interprets this law That is the NPC Standing Committee These are the people who have decided on this law Of course, the NPC Standing Committee of China I clearly say that I have the right to interpret this law That means How to interpret this law is not the court of Hong Kong Despite Hong Kong law Hong Kong courts don't interpret or judge I clearly say that the NPC Standing Committee will interpret it

Earlier Foreigners who may have violated this law Even if you are not a Hong Kong person, foreigners will be eligible if they have the possibility Foreigners who may have violated this law Can be said to be arrested in China or Hong Kong That means Japanese companies expanding into China There are a lot of Japanese people there So is Hong Kong It is better to escape from China or Hong Kong This point I think you should seriously think about Japanese companies Naturally America A huge number of American companies in Hong Kong, some Americans This will be a big discussion This is the content that was first understood when the text came out Therefore Does freedom of Hong Kong mean it's dead? The battle to defend the freedom of Hong Kong is yet to come As a battle to protect the freedom of Hong Kong Especially these two US Secretary of State Pompeo This is British Foreign Minister Raab These two people are now making strong remarks on this matter

First is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Secretary of State Pompeo will export from the US to Hong Kong I announced that I will ban some Equipment that can be used especially for military purposes Announces that military parts will be banned Because Hong Kong used to export This is like selling arms to China because Hong Kong is no longer China This has been announced as embargo then British Foreign Minister Dominique Raab This person has come out from the front English passport to Hong Kong Announced to provide 3 million people This is especially true for Hong Kong people born before 1997 I decided to have that qualification In particular Provide passport at the same time It's been a year where I could stay in England for 12 months Stay in England for 12 months first and work in England If you were a student First of all, it's 12 months because you are allowed to study abroad That’s not the end After that, you will be given British citizenship I think it’s very important to be a British person I think the United Kingdom often thinks about such measures This is the last one, but it's very important Pompeo has also issued some of this export ban to Hong Kong, One after another The preferential treatment and privileges that the United States has given Hong Kong until now It’s supposed to be completely robbed, Hong Kong is a country or region that has made a lot of money from American exports

This is gone one more There are places in Hong Kong that are fighting for freedom The United Nations Human Rights Council The Human Rights Council of the United Nations is now being held The issue of China is getting hot here In battle First of all, where the UN Human Rights Council is located is Geneva, Switzerland It’s such a room There are various organizations and institutions of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland The largest building is the United Nations Human Rights Council building

There is such a big room in this There are always discussions about human rights in the world, China is the hottest discussion right now Originally it started with Uighur, but now it's moving to Hong Kong Hong Kong Executive Secretary Carry Lam I'm giving a speech at this Human Rights Council I'm supposed to give a remote video speech The international community should respect the national security rights of Hong Kong To the international community through the United Nations It’s a Hong Kong right, so I’m telling you to respect it The national security law is The target is only a few, some extremists Most Hong Kong people say they are fully protected Said a complete lie It’s always like this, so I’m saying this in the United Nations First of all, First The United Nations ambassador to Jointly with other countries in 27 countries Regarding the introduction of China's national security law Formal statement of condemnation of China at the United Nations on the other hand Cuba’s UN representative Statement of 53 countries jointly supporting China's national security law Since it came out at the counter, there are 53 countries here Thus, through the UN Human Rights Council It's now a battle between those who accuse China and those who support it This is the situation so far, though

What Happens After National Security Law Enforces In Hong Kong I can say clearly Uighur lessons Uighur The problem with Uyghur has been true for a long time, The international community didn't take it seriously, After all, there was a concentration camp in Uyghur called the Re-education Camp Many Uighurs were detained and sacrificed there If that happens, it's almost too late I don't want to think so The same thing may happen in Hong Kong Hong Kong itself becomes a huge concentration camp It’s like a law for that

Considering that, British passport to Hong Kong announced by British Foreign Minister Raab This is important to provide 3 million servings I think the fight to defend Hong Kong's freedom will take time Considering that, in order to prevent casualties as much as possible Given the Uighur lesson, have this Hong Kong immigrant moved to England This as the British and the international community I think that there is no choice but to proceed positively On top of that, the international community We really have to advance the fight to protect Hong Kong's freedom I think so That's all for today Thank you for watching

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