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♪~ It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa Today's theme is We will send you about "North Korea's new system Kim Yo-sung Korea and complete cutoff" Please go out with us Today is June 9th, but from early morning today This kind of news is jumping in North Korea against South Korea I have said that I will completely cut off all communications with South Korea Needless to say, North Korea’s top is Kim Jong Un It’s still true that Kim Jong Un is alive

There are various theories But for the past few months, the protagonist in the name of North Korea has It's not Kim Jong Un The movement of North Korea has been transmitted under the name of Kim Yo-sung To the events that happened today I would like to summarize the movements of recent months June 9th today North Korea has made a statement that it will cut all communications with South Korea There are various newspapers, but in Taiwan Telling you this It's about turning off all communication channels Up to this Actually, three months ago, March 3 North Korea issued a criticism statement against South Korea under the name of Kim It's a statement of criticism of the Korean literary administration The day before, North Korea did a military training or a military experiment I experimented with new weapons On the other hand In a sense, as usual, the Korean military criticized this It was the statement by Tadashi Kimyo on March 3 that criticized and returned to criticism

Under the name of Kim This is the first time that North Korea has issued a statement to South Korea Until now, it was always Kim Jong Un, but because it came out under the name of Yomasa This is the New York Times article The New York Times takes it all up Under the name of Kim It's the article that the statement came out for the first time 3 months later June 4 of last week North defectors from South Korea are forming a group This organization On the north-south border A leaflet criticizing North Korea is scattered in a balloon I'm doing this kind of activity Suddenly denounced this activity It came out with the name of Kim At the same time, as a movement toward the unification of the north and south We had a joint liaison office I issued a warning that this will also be closed It means that groups of North Korean defectors spread leaflets

I use this kind of method It's a balloon Even if you say a balloon, it's much bigger than the balloons we think Very big balloon The flyer in the balloon is Human rights violations conducted by South Korea Then, human rights violations conducted by North Korea Then criticize North Korean nuclear development That kind of content is written on the flyer and put it in the balloon At the same time, it seems that various other things are put in A floppy disk It seems that you also have a device for digital The photo is from the British Daily Mail media The organization that does this kind of activity is a conservative organization in Korea It's a conservative organization that surrounds North Korean defectors and works through them The purpose of the activity is Sometimes I tell the truth to the general public living in North Korea

At the same time, with respect to the current left-wing government in South Korea Putting pressure on the Bunjae administration's policy on North Korea is wrong That is the purpose The more you do this When the Toraito administration goes bad We are doing it because we know that the relationship with North Korea will be bad for the Toraito administration from here The statement was June 4th, but in the statement Kim Yomasa's name uses poisonous expressions First of all, for North defectors, they are crossbreed dogs In the Korean Peninsula, dogs have become a symbol of human beings It’s a mixed-breed dog and a human waste About the Toraito administration It’s an expression that you're a bastard who looks at these activities and stands up

In Korean When the marrow is full of hostility towards the family Every North Korean statement uses a unique literary expression, I have this kind of expression Not only this I say this in the statement To create a law to prevent the spread of leaflets North Korea demands the Toraito administration In response to this request, the Moon Tora administration says, "Yes, I understand" If we promote a bill prohibiting the distribution of flyers to the north Already showing posture For that For North Korean defectors, It is an infringement of individual freedom of expression guaranteed by the Korean constitution I say that such a law would be strange In the meantime This is June 4, but two days later An event took place in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea This is a rally to denounce North Korean defectors It seems that it was a big rally

Participants are not ordinary people It is limited to the young people of the general youth and students This is in Pyongyang It seems that there is a youth park outdoor theater I've been mobilized in an outdoor theater I got a little picture The photos in the Taiwanese newspaper mentioned earlier are all young men Youth men and women wearing white shirts participate This is of course not something that they are willing to give themselves I’m forced mobilization If you participate in something like this There seems to be an advantage The merit is Normally, forced labor is imposed in rural areas or construction sites There is a merit that forced labor is exempted At the same time, money is also paid

100,000 South Korean won This is paid, so in dollars $1250 Is it about 1300 yen to 1400 yen in Japanese yen? This amount is paid I think this is a big amount for North Koreans, especially for young people Because It was last Saturday, June 6th, and that kind of event And on June 9th today North Korea’s state-run media called North Korea’s Central Communications This morning I announced that I will stop all communication with Korea At the same time, it is an announcement that it will include Kim Jong Un and Bun Ji So far, what's happening in the last three months Here's what they all have in common The names of all North Korean senders are Kim What's going on here There is really limited information about North Korea There are various reports in Japan and abroad Most of them are comments or speculation, so What I always see in North Korea information is This is media Radio Free Asia I've mentioned this channel several times It's a radio station run by the US Congress, not the government It's a station called Radio Free Asia Asian countries, especially small countries Collecting information that I wonder where I got the detailed information from You're playing it on a radio station This is June 8 Before today but on June 8th He reports the information that is unique to the flow we just talked about I would like to introduce this information First What is the purpose of this series of movements? To lift the Trump administration's economic sanctions It seems that they are intentionally trying to tighten the Korean Peninsula This is one analysis That's right Why do you sell fights against Korea like this? This is the purpose Against the Trump administration It’s all about wanting you to lift the economic sanctions

On top of that, in the Radio Free Asia article Points out very important points First There is a Korean Labor Newspaper, but the one I mentioned earlier was the Korean Central Communications First Korean Labor Newspaper It also reported in detail about the North Korean defector's flyer On the other hand, it was a surprise for North Koreans why I wonder if the North Korean tops are so particular about villas in Korea There is a story that you are wondering This is the Challenge Labor Newspaper This is a labor newspaper I'm not sure if there is a delivery I often see it in photos It's like a wall newspaper in town It is the Labor Newspaper that the citizens share and read In the labor newspaper The activities of North Korean defectors conducted by a conservative organization in South Korea are It came out in detail This was the first time

The general citizens of North Korea They don’t know what the North Korean defectors are doing That it was informed in detail by the Labor Newspaper And it means that everyone is surprised On the other hand, North Korea would have hidden such a thing until now That you have revealed it all New flow Timing too According to this media In a sense, North Koreans are fed up Especially since the virus turmoil is happening in North Korea right now, Tired of the North Korean government Among them, especially young people I can't help but want to know how Korea criticizes Kim Jong Un At this timing, I want to know The Labor Newspaper tells you the other way around I was surprised The Labor Newspaper has begun to publish the information that it has hidden until now

at the same time Criticism of Kim Yo-sung's South Korean administration This also appeared in the labor newspaper for the first time I got a leaflet earlier, but At the same time, a criticism statement by Tadashi Kim was also published in the Labor Newspaper Again, while many citizens are dissatisfied with the northern government At the same time that citizens first learned of the activities of the North Korean defectors, It was the first time that you knew that Kim Yomasa was making a criticism statement all This is the most important thing for North Korean citizens to know At the same time The North Korean defectors wanted to inform the northern citizens, right? That's why I used to put a flyer in a balloon The contents of the Northern Labor Newspaper It's an article that tells you in detail You say that a strange ironic phenomenon is happening right now And this is just a bold disclosure of information

Communist countries are basically supposed to manipulate information Information that would otherwise be manipulated and hidden is openly disclosed The fact is that this kind of strange phenomenon is happening now Considering this It’s okay to say it’s Kim Yosei system Whether Kim Jong Un is alive or not It’s already in transition to the Kim Yosei system What does the new system look like? Is this possibly a reformer? In a communist system, there are always reformers Start information disclosure That was Gorbachev of the Soviet Union Exactly the same as that, maybe it is a new system of Kim Yomasa as a reformer I don't understand this area at all This is just speculation I would like to look at the trends in North Korea from this perspective

That’s all for today Thank you for watching

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