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♪~ It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa Today's theme is 習近 be forced China Economic large collapse flat !! China watchers analysis I will send it to you so please have a relationship China and India are now along the Himalayan border It’s a temporary border, Then the South China Sea Hong Kong and Taiwan Senkaku in Japan In various places China and various countries are currently in conflict China is aggressive and aggressive I think I'm coming to that kind of place where I'm trying to push forward an aggression However The people who are said to be the world's China watchers actually take a different view

That is as the Chinese economy is about to collapse In fact, the notion that or not than Xi Jinping has been forced Today I would like to introduce this China Watcher is the theme of today Let me introduce two China Watchers first At first I was an Indian In a person called Jayadeva Ranaday This person was a senior official of the Indian government A senior official of the Indian government has now appeared in various private media It is sent out as a sharp analysis of China This is especially Indian Future development of the current China-India border dispute You say something like this The China-India border dispute that is happening now What's not happening in the last 20 years is happening now It means that something very unlikely is happening right now China's LAC This is a temporary border It is said to be the effective control line Effective line of control I call it ambiguous borders China has invaded the ambiguous border of China This is by no means accidental You have come up with the view that China has planned in advance There's a reason for this China Watcher If you did it as planned in advance So, what about whether the Chinese military will withdraw from the conflict area after this? I'm saying that due to the position of an internal Communist Party of Xi Jinping What do you mean There was NPC in June last month

Xi Jinping himself whether or not was protect the position of their own Of course, if you only watch the news As always, the NPC ended with no end Among them, for Hong Kong I can only see that I brought up a terrible law called the National Security Law Actually, it’s not like that There are now two of melancholy to Xi Jinping One is the deterioration of the domestic economy Complaints from the domestic to the other is Xi Jinping These are these two The first is the worsening Chinese economy Originally from the last few years, especially from last year The Chinese economy is going in a bad direction US President Trump US-China trade war As a result, there are probably 70 million unemployed people in China If 70 million people are unemployed Dissatisfaction should be a tremendous voice

When 習近 it's a voice of discontent against the flat but say what kind of people we are out First, Chinese intellectuals and students Communist Party executives Also the Communist Party elders I have a thought of complaints against these people everyone actually Xi Jinping Or not than waiting patiently everyone a chance to criticize the Xi Jinping That’s the view of China Watchers in India Actually This is a think tank in China China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Issued an unusual report In the international community Anti-Chinese sentiment is rapidly rising That's what a think tank in China says This is a thing that has criticized the most directly Xi Jinping There is a newspaper called Liberation Army Bulletin of the PLA in China This is a newspaper reporting the movement of the PLA On May 5th, I also published an unusual editorial It’s about the economy It’s a warning for this dark economy

Among them, China's socialist economy has grown by double digits every year I’ve come to the second largest economy in the world, Maybe I think I've passed the peak or I've reached the limit The PLA newspaper says in an editorial Obviously, I'm such mon, such as economic policy of the Xi Jinping administration is saying and have failed PLA PLA Unusual Article As if it reflects that China's social new economy has reached its limits Last month's NPC No 2 Prime Minister Li Keqiang is in charge of the economy I give a speech about the economy I always give a speech Actually, the speech of Lee Keqiang in the NPC was very unusual First of all praise for the Xi Jinping Chief I've said this about 13 times This is as usual On the other hand, you clearly mention that the economy is bad This has never happened before This situation is happening right now Why Xi Jinping is Are you taking strong actions in such a situation? Strong behavior is First, there are signs for Hong Kong and then for Taiwan

I will touch on it later, but also for the South China Sea Armed clash against India for the last 20 years And with the Japanese Senkaku Profusely Xi Jinping administration has taken a hard-line attitude now What is this all about? Domestic criticism of yourself To weaken this I think it's a systematic approach Xi Jinping is the National People's Congress is not finished somehow in that But that position is not 100% stable This person is saying especially Especially The goal of becoming a hegemony of the world, which is the long-term goal of the Chinese Communist Party The goal is to become a hegemony of the world over 100 years, And can likely also not achieved I know such atmosphere now Xi Jinping If it seems unlikely to be achieved Xi Jinping is that it will slide off the seat of power I say that this is China This is the first China Watcher I will introduce another person Gregory Copley, who is the writer at the same time This is one of the most influential China watchers Xi Jinping soon is It clearly states the expectation of a military invasion of Taiwan It's about this July, too I'm saying I'll wake up this month What kind of content is It’s a bit like the Indian guy, The economy is deteriorating in Japan China's socialist economy has completely failed By Xi Jinping regime Meanwhile China's long-term goal of the Chinese Communist Party Become the hegemon of the world that rules the world Before the door to this possibility closes That we would be forced to take military action as Xi Jinping You're saying Conversely, Xi Jinping to take military action now If you are late Taiwan steadily strengthens defense power Chinese economy worsens China will become more isolated in the international community The biggest one now The parent China, who has spread the money, Now we are moving away from China That more and more countries will There is no good in delaying time I wonder if I have to take military action soon

I'm more strict about it When the other and there is a choice but if take the now military action taken to Xi Jinping I'm not in a stable position, so if I had other options I would only have two One will resign Another is to focus on domestic issues There is only one, so there are three choices, right? Specializing in military action, resignation, and domestic issues In fact it about Xi Jinping is when I stand has been forced now Experts are saying that This person The option of invading Taiwan Xi Jinping is' s not whether the possibility of taking liked and I think we tallest As if to respond to this Taiwan government If you read it like a Japanese language, it's the one that comes from strict virtue Minister of Defense I am the Minister of Defense in Japan Minister of Defense at a press conference on May 29 Chinese invasion of Taiwan They say they are preparing now for that worst case Because there are signs And Furthermore, the Defense Minister just recently That it is expanding around Taiwan Taiwan army already You're clearly saying that you're ready to fight It's hard news Xi Jinping is When the cause if the military action in the Taiwan What happens if I wake up now First of all, it is natural that the United States is said to be protecting Taiwan now Not just the United States, but the United States is now bundling Four countries There are four countries called Quad America, Japan, Australia and India This is newly gathering around the United States in the Indo-Pacific region It will be a four-nation union, which is called a four-nation security dialogue With this Quad China will face each other Because the battleground extends to mainland Taiwan It will be a great war that will be a direct military conflict I'm saying there is such a possibility

Actually Taiwan is preparing for that The Taiwan Army called Hanko Military Exercise I go to this time every year There is an annual military exercise This is a live exercise This is It’s a military exercise to take direct command The purpose of military exercises Assuming the Chinese PLA invades Taiwan It is an exercise to counter it This starts on July 16th Then before that China really does PLA military action I'm saying that there may be a possibility of causing the Xi Jinping As China Watchers say From the perspective of 習近 Xiaoping it is considering military action Looking back on recent things, May-June of this year Chinese movement was abnormal in the South China Sea and Senkaku Unusually I've been doing things like repeated invasions It wasn't much news in Japan The truth is, May-June The virus was widespread, but the hard thing was happening This unusual behavior The chance of China 習近 Xiaoping military action I think you were looking for it

As Xi Jinping in such Before my credibility is lost inside the Chinese Communist Party I need to move fast However At the same time there is an American presidential election If you take such military action before the US presidential election On the contrary, it could lead to the re-election of President Trump Because I hate that most I do not go to be moving in fact if we Xi Jinping Is it in the dilemma of being unable to move? The possible options to I'm going to pick up the islands around Taiwan instead of mainland Taiwan I think I'm going to pick up a small island little by little It's a so-called salami strategy I think I might start doing it So today I introduced two China Watchers Is that has been forced Xi Jinping say in common That’s all for today Thank you for watching

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