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♪~ It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa Today's theme is "The true identity of anti-racism demonstrations not reported by the press, Seattle Autonomous Region" I will send it Please go out with us Recently started in Minneapolis, USA Black racial discrimination demonstration A black guy named George Floyd When he was arrested by the police in Minneapolis It was terrible treated and died The death of George Freud Protest against black racial discrimination Woke up in Minneapolis, spread all over the United States and now worldwide It's being done in Europe and Japan in Shibuya and Osaka What on earth is happening now A similar protest is taking place in Seattle, USA As it develops There is news that it occupied the downtown area of ​​Seattle and created an autonomous region What on earth is this happening? Just looking at the media reports I don't know why this happened at all I'll do a lot of research I'm going to tell you what I learned at this point in this video First of all, in a place called Seattle To the north of the west coast of America Canada is in the north of the US Is it okay to just south of the Canadian border? It's closest to Canada, so it's pretty north of the west coast of the United States

This is Washington It has nothing to do with Washington DC Seattle is the center of the state of Washington What is famous here It’s also Boeing and the birthplace of Starbucks Tully's coffee is also here then Is it called a membership-based supermarket? There is a head office of a chain of department stores in the United States called Nordstrom It is a town of soil where companies with various uniqueness are born This is getting attention right now Here is a protest against racism Seattle City Hall and then attacked the Seattle Police Department as a result I made an autonomous region, declared an autonomous region, and requested the resignation of the mayor This is happening right now It's almost the center of Seattle This area around this central area is where the autonomous region is located Seattle police station In the area where there is a police station around the eastern area In an area named Capitol Hill Various fashion shops, restaurants, etc

It seems to be a very high-class area with high-class residential areas This is occupying 6 blocks there, and this is what is happening right now The Seattle Police Department East Office building here I'm occupying the building The building actually has a sign that says Seattle Police Station It says SEATTLE POLICE DEPARTMENT This has been rewritten as SEATTLE PEOPLE DEPARTMENT and PEOPLE In the atmosphere like this in the city When it’s a completely police-free area and people are occupying it I have a sign From here you will enter the territory of Cavital Hill It is written on the signboard It says that police should not enter this area It’s an area without police It’s like a market It means that you sell snacks and daily necessities

Why did this happen Looking back on the history of this place On May 29th there was a small demonstration in the area The demo that spread from Minneapolis spread all over the US It happened here as well That's the same as in other areas, The next day, May 30, this was a big demonstration Antifa came in and plundered or set fire At that time from the police vehicle Two rifles have been robbed by Antifa It’s used for firing The rifle was picked up by the police after that That’s what happens The police, on the other hand, went to suppress Antif When I caught a white looter then One police said he would push it to the ground and put his knee on his neck This was Minneapolis

That's how George Floyd was done George Floyd was killed for about 9 minutes Here it takes only tens of seconds It happened for only a few tens of seconds, but that also became a problem Used in public relations, the protest movement here will become even more radical Meanwhile, the mayor of Seattle Is the female mayor I’m Jenny Darkan, the mayor of Seattle and a Democrat This person gives a command Prohibiting Seattle police from using teardrops for 30 days Antifa is coming in I don't care if it's a peaceful legal protest But with Antifa coming in completely I'll pillage, I'll destroy stores, I'll set fire This is a complete crime Don’t use police weapons against criminals The mayor just started to say It caused more confusion The criminal act was escalated Meanwhile, in Seattle The police chief has decided to use teardrops again The mayor told me not to use it The police chief judged and resumed using it, and somehow began to try to reduce the confusion

But right after that, on June 8th, this week Seattle Police withdraws from Seattle Police Department East Police I don't really understand the background, but it seems that the mayor did it The police will withdraw Area of ​​jurisdiction of the east station 6 blocks that were on the map above From here the police are completely gone This time, a demonstrator will swing into a major company and enter Occupy 6 blocks Capital Hill Regional Capital Hill Autonomous Region You declare At the same time demand the resignation of Mayor Dhakan This is what happened On the contrary I’m Mayor Darkan

This is an interview with CNN This person is the mayor I'm interviewing an interviewer named CNN's Kuomo It’s the brother of Governor Cuomo of the Democratic Party of New York The younger brother, Kuomo, told the mayor I ask how long this occupation will last On the other hand, Mayor Jenny Durkan is I don't no I don't know The answer is that you will have a wonderful summer This was the answer that I could only say to be playful What is this Autonomous Region aiming for and what is it aiming for? The purpose of the autonomous region is First, in this area, if rent is exempt, rent is zero Turning the region into a non-luxury area It is also a high-class residential area, but if you make it a non-luxury area, Then the police are abolished Exemption from criminal activity committed by protesters So they have no jurisdiction and this is their purpose Create such an autonomous region What the hell are these guys, who are starting their own self-government activities It seems like this person is in their bag Who is this person One of the city council members in Seattle I’m a female city council member named Kusama Sawant

It’s an Asian person This person is neither Democratic nor Republican This person is the far left of socialism called socialist alternative A member of the socialist group Socialist alternative is It was the last candidate for the Democratic Party I’m a group supporting Bernie Sanders You’re a member This person It's like being in the position of instructing leaders of autonomous regions This is what is happening How does President Trump react to this? For the Mayor of Dhakan Protesters are terrorists, get your city back now If you don't do i do This is not a game I think it's quite natural And then Sen Ted Cruz is a Republican Because the police can't enter When there is a life threat for the residents of the area living here This is also natural if something should be done early This kind of voice especially to the voice of the president What is the mayor of Dhakan? I think this region is a good attempt to ease the conflict between police and demonstrators It's a good opportunity to recreate the country against black racial discrimination then The president doesn't know what's going on The area where this autonomous region is made Originally it was a place for free speech self-expression for many years

Actually, this area was also the area of ​​LGBT In that sense, it's surely a place for various free local self-expression So there is no problem at all Isn't it a good idea to have an autonomous region there? The president says he should stay in the shelter But in reality Seattle police in custody of the area The police chief is a black woman A Seattle police chief replied in a media interview: There are currently all kinds of criminal activities committed in the area, including rape and theft We're answering that we can't get into this This is what is happening in the US and in big city Seattle I can't believe it Here is a demonstration against racism that has spread from the United States to the world At first glance it seems to be saying good things, but what is its true identity? Police are spreading brainwashing around the world that it is evil It is a left-wing activity that aims to abolish the police This is what it is The problem is that there are such terrible people The problem is the media The media is Protest against black racism is now expanding globally The media is saying that much However, did you properly report the violence of the police in Hong Kong? I'm ignoring This timing right now China calls national security law against Hong Kong Just trying to introduce a law that would destroy the freedom of Hong Kong On the other hand, the world is united around President Trump When I was about to criticize China Don Pishari This is happening Is this a coincidence? I think we should know this That’s all for today Thank you for watching

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