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トランプ弾劾失敗 民主党は今秋の選挙で大敗する【及川幸久−BREAKING−】


Ladies and gentlemen, Hello And good evening is Yukihisa Oikawa

Today's theme is that Trump's impeachment has failed, and that the Democratic Party is going to lose a lot this spring Please join us President Trump's impeachment Presidential impeachment has been around since last year It was a big topic and this was finally settled The result, from the perspective of the Democratic Party, ended in a catastrophic failure Due to this, it is already scheduled for fall this year in November Presidential election that Trump was reelected, Then, the simultaneous Senate and House elections, In this important November election, the Democrats will probably lose big

We have seen a historic defeat Today I want to send you this First, this impeachment cliff of President Trump, After all, what happened afterwards was that they were acquitted, Trump ’s approval rating is That's a record 49% The president's approval rating is, in fact, similar for every president It's going back and forth in the second half of 40%, but especially unpopular It means that it will be just barely 40%, Trump's approval rating was originally not that high

that is, The highest 49% since Trump became president So this is all thanks to the Democratic Party Democrats have failed with this impeachment Thanks to this, it has risen so much At the same time, stock prices after this impeachment failure

Stock prices continue to set new highs This is also mysterious, Market is completely pleased that Trump's impeachment has failed At the same time Continuous updates to the highest ever price for this stock, What does a high price update mean? That Trump will be reelected in this fall's presidential election That is, the market has clearly recognized So, What the hell happened, In the first place, the majority was Republican in the Senate, so impeachment was impossible from the beginning That's the opinion that was very dominant and the most common

So why the Democratic Party could n’t do that, I suppose you did this impeachment, It was not impossible The impeachment of the president is a bipartisan party This is a bipartisan, not a political party, It all depended on public opinion Public opinion is based on evidence from the Democratic Party, Certainly a trump is If there is evidence that he has abused his presidency, definitely, With this public opinion, this impeachment was possible In fact, the reason Democrats brought impeachment for the president was This was it

Telephone talks with the President of Ukraine That was the content of this talk I will skip the details today, In this, President Trump gave weapon aid to Ukraine, Armed with this, the Ukrainian President Democratic Biden corruption in Ukraine, I asked you to investigate this, That was the reason for this impeachment This was an abuse of the president's authority But, The Democratic Party, and then the anti-Trump media attached to the Democratic Party, This did not mean that he was impeached by the President

In fact, Democrats and the media Long before the telephone talks with the Ukrainian president, he had been searching for reasons for Trump's impeachment The first thing I found was this Russian Gate Three years ago, four years ago, four years ago at the presidential election, Russia was involved in the Trump camp, This thing, I'm going to give a lot of evidence I wanted to bring Trump to impeachment, but this failed It was a great failure Then, in various details, I kept looking for reasons as to whether I could take Trump to impeachment

I didn't find it after all This Russian gate also failed Then came out this Ukraine Gate You mentioned earlier, it was the Ukraine Gate However, this Ukrainian gate The contents are There was no content

This is a little more I can only say that it is a mistake of the Democratic Party, What happened because of this impeachment because of the Ukrainian gate? Playing cards, There are Trump skeptics This is especially the Republican supporter in a broad sense Not all Republicans support Trump Among Republicans, against Trump, There are many people who don't like Trump Skeptics of such Trump, You turned this skeptic into a Trump supporter

This Democratic Party is here, here and here, If you are trying to impeach the president, Even Trump skeptics, a Democrat supporter, have become Trump supporters That's the number of Trump's supporters and supporters who mentioned earlier Here, this impeachment of the president is what it is like in the first place, I want to touch it a little easier The United States Constitution states: The Senate has the power to try impeachment That's what the Senate has

This is very complicated, To be precise, it takes a lot of time, I want to touch it easily and terribly simple First, the difference between the role of the House and the Senate is in this impeachment The House is about to make an impeachment recommendation And it means that the Senate will do an actual impeachment trial That is the provision of the Constitution that the Senate has the authority to judge impeachment earlier

It is up to the Senate to try the impeachment You just don't go to court Before we go to trial, we recommend impeachment recommendations in English This is a recommendation that you should be tried, and the House of Representatives does this This impeachment claim in the first place, Claims that this president should be impeached, This can happen to anyone in the United States

It can be caused by public opinion In response to that public opinion, in fact, the actual impeachment investigation stage, This phase of the investigation begins only in the lower house The lower house will do it And In the Senate, this House made recommendations and recommendations, When the president came to the point of impeachment trial, At last, the Senate will exercise its authority What is a Senate impeachment trial like? It's like a criminal case

Kind of like a criminal prosecution of a civilian Because this is a complaint, It's an appeal to bring a trial, a trial to decide whether to make this appeal or not It's very difficult, but it's like a trial before a trial The trial before the trial will be done in the Senate In the Senate, the result is guilty or innocent

When it comes to guilt or innocence, this is also a kind of trial, There are indictors and defendants Again, the actual trial of impeachment in this Senate Since I saw it for the first time, I finally realized that it was like this, The indictor uses the term managers, which is representative of the lower house The House has already made the decision that President Trump should be impeached So I was charged He was indicted, and in a criminal case he was indicted

The representative of the lower house is called Managers, As a prosecutor, you will come to this trial And there is the defendant The defendant is the impeached person and his counsel Mr Trump was impeached, but he did not come out

You can come out, but I didn't So the lawyer's lawyer came out So even in the Senate trial, It's only these two things that are going to get together It's only during this time, with the indictor of the lower house representative and Mr Trump's lawyer

So, Senator, what exactly are you doing? What does the senator do? In fact, you play the role of judge and jury in this trial Judge and jury roles This is the role of the Senator That means running a trial, In fact, he hears the case and the opinions of both the prosecutor and the defense Listening to this is the job of the senator, its role

In particular, If the defendant is the President or Vice President, Judge, It seems that the presiding judge is customary to be done by the Chief Justice So, the trial in this Senate will take place In fact, it was done This is, as is often said, To be guilty, you need more than two-thirds of the guilty votes If more than two-thirds voted guilty, Automatically deprived of authority, And it's a normal criminal trial

This depends on the nature of the impeachment, If it is a criminal trial in civilian terms, such as national treason, If it ’s an acquisition, or if that ’s what the President or Vice President did, After this, it becomes a normal trial and the true sin is decided That's very complicated In his impeachment, in the past only President Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, In the past, he was impeached And the third person was Mr Trump this time, In the past, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were acquitted

And Trump was acquitted this time Because, this President, 150 years ago, This is the president after Lincoln, He became president after Lin Khan was assassinated Then Bill Clinton These two people In fact, you're committing a crime that can be clearly impeached For example, if you were Clinton, you had an affair

That area isn't 100%, but depending on your perspective, this is already It was safe to be guilty However, he was acquitted Why? There was no two-thirds guilty vote in the Senate This is already clear And another, Nixon

What about President Nixon in the Watergate case? This generally means that Nixon has been perceived as impeached, In fact, you have not been impeached Not impeached, He resigned before entering the impeachment and before entering into the House's impeachment investigation why It is this impeachment investigation, He already knew that he would be guilty in the Senate Because he was guilty

This is about the Watergate case because the evidence has already been gathered So, From the beginning, before leaving for the impeachment, he quit before the lower house So, the impeachment of the President, in these historical cases, What is clear is whether you are guilty like Nixon, Or if you're certain that you can get 2/3 of the guilty vote, including the ruling party, In both cases, the impeachment strategy of the president is effective Also, you should not adopt this strategy only in these two cases Despite not being able to take it, this Democrat is neither, You've adopted this strategy, though it's neither

This is a great strategy mistake, I think it was irreparable, for the Democratic Party As if symbolizing it, At the same time of this president's impeachment, A party rally in Iowa was held This is the year of the presidential election, In the 50 US states, party rallies and primaries are held in each state

The Democratic and Republican representatives of each state are elected This first shot is always in Iowa, The Iowa party rally was held, Actually, the results have not been determined yet It has been three or four days, but it has not been finalized That's a counting mistake Now that we are recounting, this is already a fact for Democrats, So the image was really down

This is exactly what this impunity strategy is, A strategy mistake made by a Democratic executive It is an event that symbolizes this If we continue this way, the presidential election in November, Then, in the simultaneous Senate and House elections, I can say that the Democratic Party will be a historic defeat This is reflected in the rise in market prices Today is up to here

Thank you very much for watching

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