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It is our Hello and good evening Hisayuki Oikawa BREAKING NEWS Today ’s theme is I would like to inform you about the relationship between the World Bank and China and Uyghur that Trump criticized Please associate Today is the morning of December 9th, but this week there is a big event planned all over the world First of all, there is a general election in England on the 12th Depending on this result, it will be decided what will happen to Brexit

Furthermore, on the 15th, the US fourth sanctions tariff for China This is the attention whether this is actually done So far, President Trump has imposed sanctions on China This 4th installment is different This sanctions duty is sanctions against China, and at the same time it can be extremely damaging to the US It ’s about whether Apple ’s iPhone is subject to tariffs If this is really done, depending on various calculations It ’s said that the US GDP will drop a lot There seems to be a strong view in the market that you will not actually do it I don't know what will happen Other than that, it ’s a bit financial European ECB monetary policy conference this week, and US Fed FOMC this week So this week there are various things Last weekend President Trump tweeted about the World Bank The contents are The World Bank approved a loan plan for China

You tweeted that such a thing should stop What are you talking about China is repressing Uyghurs in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Many of you have come to know China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region There is already a surveillance camera in the town Who bought the surveillance camera? It became clear that the money was purchased with funds from the World Bank This World Bank loan to China, which has been done for almost 40 years since 1981 Why the World Bank has financed China that is By supporting this economic opening of China By supporting this economic opening Because I expected the Chinese political system to change To that end, the World Bank has financed money at much lower interest than the market Here is what we need to know That's the money of this World Bank Who the money was This money is from the US or Japan The US and Japanese taxes are funded by the World Bank The United States is the first country of investment and the second is Japan In other words, we want to hold down that our taxes are money of the World Bank

And the World Bank China ’s economy has grown as a result of supporting China China's foreign currency reserve is $ 3 trillion China even has its own infrastructure investment bank called AIIB China is in a position to lend with the World Bank Why are you borrowing money from the World Bank? that is China's GDP is already $ 13 trillion, second in the world However, the GDP per capita was 10,000 dollars last year The World Bank loan criteria are A country with a GDP per capita of over $ 12,000 Because it is a high-income country, it is not eligible for financing We are targeting countries under $ 12,000 per person That means China is still there That is why the World Bank has continued to provide financing to China

If you want to verify what happened as a result The economy has grown, but the real political system has not changed In the direction of human rights suppression rather than unchanged The biggest one is the concentration camp of this Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region The World Bank The fact that we have been supporting this kind of funds in China has not been achieved More recently, the World Bank I supported the education program in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region There is an educational program in Xinjiang Uygur, especially in China And the World Bank loaned $ 50 million and $ 50 million What was used for the 50 million dollar education program? The breakdown is Like tear gas, barbed wire, bulletproof vest This was used for concentration camps This is clearly against the terms of the World Bank loan And the World Bank seems to have noticed that too I was aware that I had continued financing in China This Uyghur concentration camp from last year It was already known all over the world The reason why this came out There was a whistleblowing from the World Bank

The World Bank in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region It turned out to the world that they were financing as an educational program And when I heard this, the American Parliament was angry A group of non-partisan groups, such as Senator Marco Rubio, overseeing China in the American Parliament What is this all about? I started criticizing the World Bank around August this year here I told you that US and Japanese funds support the World Bank That means that our money has helped suppress Uyghur human rights in China It is supposed to be indirectly After that, the World Bank finally started internal research and started to reduce loans to China What is the World Bank in the first place? To reduce world poverty In the world's poorest countries or in the poverty of this poverty If we supported with cheap funds and cheap interest, we were supposed to support developing countries

Why is the World Bank still supporting China, the world's second largest economy? It ’s another big question why we ’re helping Uyghur ’s human rights suppression Thanks to the criticism of the American parliament Finally, the World Bank started to reduce it little by little However, Mr Trump came out here and said that you should stop it completely on Twitter What do you think? I think you should quit Thank you very much for watching

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