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It is our Hello and good evening Hisayuki Oikawa BREAKING NEWS Today ’s theme is Going from Soleimani killing to World War III? I will send you that Please come along I'm in the US

A Today, this is Atlanta, Georgia, USA My purpose is my longtime friend, Japanese There ’s a funeral here I'm originally a religionist, so I'm a long-time friend, so I came to give that funeral So now I'm in the United States, but in the United States Iran's commander The topic of Commander Soleimani has become a much bigger problem than Japan And this is an article that recently appeared in The New York Times The word World War III The word World War III is now I think this is a trend word on social media, maybe in Japan, The source that has become a huge trend word seems to be American teenagers Because the case of the killing of Soleimani broke out Suddenly generations after Nine Eleven in the United States It's a post-nine eleven generation, so it's a teenager Teenager boy They started thinking seriously that they would be sent to war

Or start asking your parents about it, or conscription I started asking my parents that they would be drafted and sent to World War III I'm confused because I don't even know the parent's generation Then girls of the same generation Girls say that their boyfriends will be sent to war Was starting to worry In the United States, of course, he is not recruited now All US forces are optional, but there is a registration system At the age of 18, American boys call selective services This is basically a registration, but I don't think it's an obligation It is supposed to be registered In a form that seems to be recruited if you register It ’s like anxiety is spreading

That ’s why this case has a great impact World War III What does World War III mean? When the world is divided and two factions fight, this is World War What could be considered as World War III this time It means that the world will be divided into a war by an American group and then by the Iranian side It ’s not a one-on-one battle Is a fight between groups In that sense, it ’s really like that It is natural that Israel is the first country to come to the United States

And Saudi Arabia and European countries What about the Iranian side? On the Iranian side, Iran is most likely an ally Russia and China, almost allies Russia and China and Middle Eastern militia Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Special Forces Kods killed this time It's a militia organization that Soleimani has created in each country For example, Hezbollah in Lebanon In Iraq, Kataib Hezbollah is such a militia organization This kind of militia is attached to the Iranian side I guess it's a world war between the US and Iran Japanese Deer in this connection The same goes for Japanese media and the internet, but Japanese critics often say these days This decision of President Trump China and Russia are most pleased with the decision to kill the Iranian commander

China and Russia are already laughing, The world was nervous and the US was getting more and more stuck in Iran, It ’s commented that it ’s especially Chinese It may be, it may be, The American media has a different perspective The American media, on the other hand, sees China as having trouble with this This is especially true in the US

Because in the Japanese media, Iran, which I mentioned earlier, Russia and Ch ina Russia and China with Iran It is said that the Trump administration has been severely criticized for this matter There are some articles like that In fact, China is Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister of China Foreign Minister Wang Yi makes a phone call with US Secretary of State Pompeo There is an article in the Japanese Asahi Shimbun that criticized it severely It doesn't seem like that Foreign Minister Wang Yi has a phone talk with Pompeo and there is no word of criticism Not to criticism but to the United States If you are urging restraint, do not escalate anymore It must be at the level of criticism I'm paying attention to the Bloomberg article It's the Chinese dilemma, or that China is in trouble I mean The basic stance of China is Certainly Russia and Iran are kind of like a coalition of volunteers Russia has received special skills in missile defense as a paramilitary alliance Naturally, Iran buys oil Iran is under sanctions Basically both Japan and China I can't buy oil from Iran But he seems to have bought it implicitly Because of that, Iran, Russia and China It looks like one group However, in the sense that China needs oil, Not only from Iran, but also from neighboring Saudi Arabia And Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Iran Judging from this relationship with Saudi China is not going to be completely on the side of Iran

Here is the Chinese dilemma And now, in relation to the United States, the United States and China are now in Phase I in a trade agreement I'm about to sign the first stage agreement The point is, how to write Bloomberg articles China doesn't want to offend Trump in this matter You say you're in a very subtle position because you don't want to get angry That ’s why this state is It does n’t seem easy to say that China is happy about this Although it is a possible development in the future, various theories have been issued First In fact, the Trump administration will send a 3500-man paratrooper to the Middle East It ’s 3500, so it ’s not a big scale, Then Israel, which will be on the US side Netanyahu from Israel is very motivated The fighting situation against Iran and Lebanon next door In this case, Lebanese militia Hezbollah, rather than fighting the state You are in a battle to fight Hezbollah Then Saudi Arabia will probably be on the American side Regarding Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is against the war The reason is that if it becomes such a large war with Iran Naturally the Strait of Hormuz will be blocked This is actually the same position as Japan Japan is the only blockade of the Strait of Hormuz

Japan and Saudi Arabia are in the same position So I think the American side is not monolithic What is on the Iranian side In fact, the only thing that seems to be This is a militia organization from various countries in the Middle East Lebanon, Iraq, Syria militia around here Maybe this area just sticks Russia and China, the great powers just before, are unreliable I guess I mentioned in the previous video whether it was my last video Iran doesn't want to bring it to the full war Iran knows the least in America What will happen if it becomes a total war The current regime in Iran, because this Islamic regime will collapse I don't want to do that That Trump administration is ahead of the curve Especially for Russia To Russian President Putin with information on terrorism in Russia US intelligence shares information with Russia President Putin is very grateful for this So the Trump administration is actually taking action against the Putin administration quite a bit below the surface So, saying Russia is World War III, I guess it's probably not going to go to the Iranian side And China is just as I said It is unreliable for Iran If it could be, The United States and Israel have allied forces with Iran Some sort of retaliatory battle, an armed conflict of any size may be more likely

I just pray that this will not be a great war That ’s all for today Thank you very much

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