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まさかの円安! 通貨市場で異変【及川幸久−BREAKING−】


It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa Today's theme is "I'm going to change into a depreciated yen currency market" Please come along Today's theme is about finance and exchange It might be a good idea for a currency trader or a financial person It ’s the most recent story, so maybe you ’re not even aware of it, But I think this is an important content today I want to talk as easily as possible for people who don't understand finance

I'm sorry for anyone who knows it, because it sounds mad I would like to talk to people who are not as detailed as possible What is happening now is the weak yen It is also suddenly depreciating Let's look at the chart Here is a chart of the exchange rate between the yen and the dollar

If you look here The dollar and yen exchange rates have gone up suddenly in the last few days without much change Even if it was said that the dollar was higher from 108 yen, it was about 109 yen Suddenly exceeding 110 yen and 110 yen 112 yen In just a few days the dollar went up and the yen went down A certain kind of yen crash However, until now, the yen and the dollar were the central currencies of the world, Even if there is going up and down between yen and dollar The yen was always strong against other currencies But what ’s happening now is The yen is falling at the same time against other currencies This is the euro Suddenly the euro is rising against the yen, meaning the yen is falling against the euro This is a Swiss franc This is the same

Suddenly the Swiss franc started to rise against the yen What the heck is that Until now Until just before this In fact, the weak yen was a good thing for Japan If the yen weakens, it will lead to a high stock What was good for Japan was the common sense of the Japanese financial markets But what ’s happening this time is a bad yen Until now, I thought the Japanese market would want the yen to be cheaper

This time, a bad yen depreciation is happening Until now, the Japanese yen Safe haven Tax haven haven said Safe haven It means safe evacuation destination The financial markets as a whole are at higher risk After the US-China trade war, When you do not know what the world economy will be The higher the risk, the more money from around the world goes to this circle The risk is high, so in that case, we head to the yen because it is a safe currency Now if the market risk is low For example, Trump started compromising with China US-China trade war nears consensus The risk is lower Now that the currency is moving from the yen to more risky stocks and more, This time, the weaker yen was a feature of the yen currency The circle was a safe place to evacuate

The most trusted currency in the world The Japanese yen was, in a sense, a stronger currency than the US dollar So, the cheaper yen means That money will be invested in higher risk assets Especially when the stock price rises because it is invested in stocks So a weak yen was a good thing for Japan However, he said that the yen has become worse now What are the causes of the weak yen and the stronger dollar now? The first is the failure of the Japanese government to respond to this new coronavirus This was covered yesterday in my previous video on my channel It has already been said overseas that the Tokyo Olympics will be canceled The cause is that the Abe administration is too terrible to respond to this coronavirus

Criticism abroad is very strong The second is Consumption tax increase Consumption tax increase on October 1 of last year October-December GDP announced on February 17 Negative growth -63% This was certainly mentioned in my video two times before Japan's financial markets are now looking at deflation with this consumption tax hike Both No 1 and No

2 are mistakes of the Abe administration Third is the US central bank Fed Actually, we started quantitative easing recently This US Fed reunited with quantitative easing after a long time I mean, the amount of dollars is increasing now Where the increased dollar amount is heading is American stocks So American stocks are already every week I'm going from $ 29,000 to $ 30,000 every week The stock price has been going on forever This is because FTB is increasing the amount of currency So this That the stock price of the currency US dollars are being bought to buy US stocks No 1 and 2 are Abe administration's mistakes Third is Fed's monetary policy This is happening at the same time now This has led to a weaker yen and a stronger dollar

This first coronavirus Abe administration fails to respond to coronavirus Now, in the world, China is the source of this coronavirus, Apart from China, Japan is already positioned as the most infected country in the world Now everybody in the United States, Britain and the developed world I'm taking a decisive step of not allowing anyone from China Maybe soon nobody will come from Japan I also have a Japanese passport Sometimes I go to the United States with my Japanese passport for work, If you are Japanese with a Japanese passport, Is likely to be treated the same as a Chinese And then there was the second one The world sees that this will probably happen a great deal if Japan enters deflation again Japan's GDP October to December 2019 It was just announced that this GDP was minus 63% After this, from January to March 2000, now February, I already know that January-March will definitely have negative growth It is already expected to be negative growth The next April-June period This April-June period I don't know yet what this coronavirus is, This also predicts that Japan's GDP will be negative growth It is a great deflationary spiral that the GDP continues to be negative so much This is what the world's financial markets look forward to Furthermore, in such a state What can be considered as a move that Japan should take The Abe administration will probably have to do additional fiscal policy Just recently at the Diet I just decided on a supplementary budget It ’s not that big at this scale, but it ’s going to be too late They will come up with more fiscal policy Then the Bank of Japan has been doing additional monetary easing since last year I'll have to do this I don't know if I actually have a hand You have to do some kind of monetary easing, so that means monetary easing That the yen weakens against the dollar No matter where you look, it's going to be weaker and more dollars That means What is happening right now What is going to happen now is selling in Japan Japan is going to be sold in the world So it may be that something more serious is going on now than we Japanese think

The Abe administration's responsibility must be considered great That ’s all for today Thank you for watching

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