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It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa BREAKING NEWS Today ’s theme is "The answer is why the Trump committed the Soleimani murder is the economy" Please come along Continuing yesterday, I am now in Atlanta, Georgia, USA Personally my longtime friend A really close friend has died and came to give his funeral I decided to do a funeral ceremony in the United States in English today And since I'm in the United States, the news I'm touching is all about Iran

Today is about Iran too Anyway why Trump reports killing of Iranian special forces commander Soleimani The answer to this question of whether you did this This is the theme today First Iranian retaliation took place There was an airstrike against a US military base in Iraq The financial market is now in turmoil And maybe now I'm recording at midnight US time Maybe afternoon of Japan time Maybe Japanese stocks crashed significantly and stock market crashed I think that it has been quite a drop with the catastrophe The only thing that goes up is gold, then crude oil and the currency is the yen

In other words, it has a typical risk-off pattern Under these circumstances, will the United States go into further retaliation after this? Iran side retaliates for US killing Soleimani In response to this, whether the US will retaliate will be a retaliation battle President Trump tomorrow on January 8 of this time I'm telling myself on twitter that I'll make a statement In that Why did Trump take a hard line to kill Soleimani? In this regard, Japanese media and of course American media That Trump made the biggest mistake If that happens, the Middle East will be confused It must lead to war, and in some cases it's WW3 No, even if it does n’t go there That the whole Middle East is going into chaos The economy is now at risk off, Why was Soreimani killed now There is a view that the answer is actually economy This is what I check in various media Among them, I really wanted to share with you today It was one of the White House advisers to the Trump administration's economic policy until recently There is a person called Joseph Sullivan Right now I'm out of the White House This person has expressed various opinions in various media I'm very personally looking at this person This person was in a foreign policy magazine yesterday That was a very interesting content

This Trump came out of the seemingly stupid way of killing Soleimani This is a story that the reason is economy First of all, this Iran ’s Revolutionary Guard Special Forces Kodz's commander Soleimani It ’s not just the Trump administration that actually should assassinate this person It seems that it was always being considered in the past American government During the Obama administration, and before Bush Jr Since this issue has been under consideration for a long time, One strategy in this Iranian issue is this person It seems that there has always been a point that you should kill this Soleimani But I couldn't do it in Obama or Bush The reason was economy Because killing Solei Mani certainly causes terrorism throughout the Middle East Because this person is a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard A special unit is to build militia organizations in the Middle East To arm militia so they can engage in terrorist activities If you do this, terrorist activity will take place throughout the Middle East, which will cause oil prices to skyrocket The biggest problem with increasing oil prices is that the United States uses oil the most

Apparently, you couldn't do this because of the economy But now the situation has changed completely Because the United States actually became a net exporter of oil a few months ago It ’s not an importing country, but an exporting country Needless to say, shale oil This has made it a net exporter But on the other hand, what about Iran? Historical inflation Historical inflation, if not hyper inflation Even in Japan, all prices are soaring and household goods are also soaring That's why Iranians are conducting anti-government protests

The reason is different from the Hong Kong demonstrators, but they are exactly the same in terms of anti-government protests A terrible demo is taking place right now And the Trump administration Instead of hitting Iran with military power He says he is actually aiming for Iran's economic collapse This is how Joseph Sullivan is a former White House economic advisor Even if you killed Sorei Mani, So even if the oil price goes up, it is actually going up now If you go up, America won't be in any trouble If you are in trouble with Iran Iran retaliates for this I just had a little bit of retaliation Anti-American retaliation throughout the Middle East What happens if you do that? Weapons cost money In order for the Middle Eastern militia to take retaliation military action It costs a lot of money It means that foreign currency will be charged Iran is actually losing foreign currency now I've been subject to economic sanctions all the time Foreign currency is steadily decreasing And then the currency would crash and inflation would only get worse The situation around here is a bit too much for me I didn't really recognize it until I saw Sullivan's point Last September, 2019 The United States is officially a net exporter of oil This was a very good thing for the United States that I couldn't imagine a while ago Iran has been a policy against the United States The biggest weapon to fight the United States is raising this oil price This was Iran's biggest weapon against the United States That this weapon is no longer usable

In this area This is the biggest feature of the Trump administration's energy policy, right? If you focus on this shale and build a constitution that does not rely on Middle Eastern oil, And regarding the policies of the Trump administration around here, There's a book called tramponomics There is a book written by Trump's Economic Brain called Tramponomics In this book In this book chapter There is a chapter called Saudi America, not Saudi America Saudi Arabia Until now, the United States has relied on these oil exporting countries like Saudi Arabia That's why I valued Saudi Arabia But now they are Saudi America rather than relying on Saudi Arabia That they have become self-sufficient in oil This is a detailed description of this tramponomics The Japanese version of Tramponomics has just recently been published Actually, my colleague translates You can buy this on Amazon Please check it out It ’s a very good translation, so it ’s a Japanese version of Trampo Nomics And when we talk back, On the other hand, Iran's side, but Iran's side is bad economy anyway With inflation, the bottom line is that there is no more money to spend on weapons

Anti-government demonstrations in Iran This is certainly happening This is the killing of Soleimani The anger of the people has turned to the government until now I'm heading to the United States now I'm heading to the United States, but this is temporary Temporary because the underlying problem has not changed Soon after returning to the rebels, And then It has been pointed out that the bad economy of Iran will become more and more prominent in the future First, Iran's GDP It seems that the Iranian government has not officially announced Iran's GDP now That is what the IMF expects Last year Iran's GDP in 2019 is expected to be -95% A terrible economic contraction of -95% minus 10% is happening right now Then I mentioned a little earlier, but foreign currency shortage This shortage of foreign currency is so bad Outside of Iran This is retaliation If you do terrorist action, foreign currency will decrease rapidly Doing so would further exacerbate domestic inflation, thereby causing Iran's currency to crash Apparently it seems that it has already crashed considerably Iran's currency is also officially fixed by Iran's central bank at a fixed currency

However, there is actually a prevailing rate, Before that, before Trump came out, The currency of Iran They say it was 34,000 to 37,000 reals per dollar $ 1 is 34,000 to 37,000 real Between $ 110,000 and $ 150,000 real per dollar This is a great crash Then the inflation rate in question is the inflation rate This is 27% on the surface, which is announced at 27% Actually, it seems to be more than 40%, the highest ever 40% inflation Hyper inflation, but not terrible inflation So, I can't buy more and more things in Japan Anti-government protest demonstrations are taking place That seems to be spreading all over Iran now So what I have to do now is to stop inflation first If you do not stop inflation, the government will really collapse For that, it seems that it is not true if you are doing retaliation demonstrations or retaliation terrorism That means Why Trump did this now, Soleimani murder It drives Iran into economic collapse by economic economy It was such a view that there was such a strategy I don't know if this is really right from one point of view I think it's definitely one of the less visible perspectives Today is up to here I will return to Japan shortly after this Thank you for watching

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