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【SING女团】S.I.N.G Work Vlog #49: At Tencent Music Entertainment Awards


Bian Li: Setting out to Macau Bian Li: And we have loaded our baggage onto the van ?: Which van? Xu Shiyin: This one ?: Tell him to hold the door Xu Shiyin: Look at me, look at me (What is Miss V up to?) Xu Shiyin: Look at me Xu Shiyin: The coat is for winter Xu Shiyin: Underneath it is for summer Xu Shiyin: Summer Bian Li: You're so funny Xu Shiyin: It's pretty comfortable Chen Li: Look at my outfit today Chen Li: I specially dressed up Chen Li: New purse Chen Li: New shoes Chen Li: Oops, Mrs Tata's looking at me Chen Li: It's not a good idea to show off in front of her Chen Li: Setting out to Macau Bian Li: Why does everyone look like they're going on an excursion Chen Li: Why isn't anyone looking at my cam? Qin Yu: Because it's too ordinary a cam Qin Yu: We want to look at the rarer one Chen Li: It's not like that … Her cam is so small

Bian Li: Welcome aboard, miss Chen Li: We're sharing the same ride today Bian Li: I'm the tourism ambassador today Chen Li: Let's go Bian Li: Welcome to Macau, miss Bian Li: Please board Chen Li: She's so sweet, let's go Bian Li: Your seat is in the back, in the trunk, not here Bian Li: Because this miss here did not pay enough Chen Li: I'll book the entire van Chen Li: Oops, they're already leaving Bian Li: So the only seat we're offering her is in the trunk Bian Li: No front seat for her Qin Yu: 5, 6, 7, go (Started to practice as soon as they'd checked in) (Keep practicing, keep in the zone) (Not distracted by the oddity) (Trying to distract again) (Not distracted!) (A sly smile) (Parody time, do not try this at home) (Yu-chan is getting mad) Qin Yu: What is this? An uprising? Wu Yao: Just doing a dance cover Qin Yu: Is that what this is? Qin Yu: What do you want? Wu Yao: The cover and the original Wu Yao & Chen Li: High-quality cover Qin Yu: What do you want? Wu Yao: We were like … Chen Li: I think we did pretty good Wu Yao: Give me five (Provoking…) Chen Li: So good (Violence, censored) (Rehearsing) (Dream Interpretation, fashion ver) (Let's appreciate the original) (Putting on makeup for photo shooting) Xu Shiyin: I'm a little sleepy Xu Shiyin: Can't open up my eyes Bian Li: My idol, Jay Chou is not coming today Bian Li: I just checked out his new post with photos of him and his babies Bian Li: They were so adorable Bian Li: It's alright that he's not here Bian Li: He's going to have concerts in late December Qin Yu: How could I be so good-looking Qin Yu: Even I myself … Qin Yu: So good-looking, for real! (Wrong video, that was not Yu-chan) Qin Yu: Everyone is going to be charmed by my beauty Bian Li: Why don't you turn around and try me? (What's happened to her today?) (What boosted Yu-chan's ego so much?) Qin Yu: You know? Qin Yu: I kept missing chances to meet my idol (Note: Yu-chan is a fan of Lay Zhang) Qin Yu: Every time there was a chance that I could meet him Qin Yu: I ended up not being able to meet him for some reason Qin Yu: This time … Finally! (That is the power of idol) Qin Yu: Let me show you something Qin Yu: Do you see the shorter hair? Qin Yu: That, means I successfully grew more hair recently (Congratulations!) Qin Yu: Sooner or later, my hair is going to be very dense! Wu Yao: Haha, I'm giving you my heart Lin Hui: Hmm, guess I'll take it Lin Hui: Here, it's yours now Wu Yao: Why did you give my heart away to someone else? Lin Hui: Because fans need your heart more than I do Wu Yao: Geez Wu Yao: I didn't know Haha is capable of such cheesy lines Staff: Battery is running out, need to charge it Chen Li: It's all your fault Wu Yao: Excuse me? Chen Li: Come and film me, I'll charge it for you Wu Yao: So cringey Chen Li: You may leave Bian Li: Let's go and take some photos Staff: Your hair is indeed somewhat dense Qin Yu: You heard that? Qin Yu: My hair growing endeavors paid off Qin Yu: The most important thing for the coming 2020 is … Qin Yu: … to give everyone an early Lunar New Year greeting here and now Qin Yu: We were the Spring Festival girls' group last year Qin Yu: We'll certainly make appearances on many Spring Festival shows, both on TV and on the Internet Qin Yu: We can't wait to wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year Qin Yu: And we'll be releasing our latest work soon (Important! New song!) Qin Yu: Please look forward to it Qin Yu: Hello Qin Yu: I'm a famous female entrepreneur from Guangzhou Qin Yu: I am … checking documents my employees submitted Qin Yu: No idea why, but apparently they all did terrible jobs making these documents Starriness Girls' Group Presents Our SING Time (Translator's note: the title comes from Our Glamorous Time, a China TV show) Qin Yu: Come in Lin Hui: Boss, these are new documents that require your signature Qin Yu: Let me take a look at them first Lin Hui: They're our latest financial statements Qin Yu: Is this … Qin Yu: Is this how you format financial statements now?! Qin Yu: Redo everything! Lin Hui: I'm really sorry, boss, I'll do that right away Lin Hui: Why should I?! I'm not getting a raise! (Time to receive the award!) (Emerging Chinese-Style Artist of the Year: S

ING) Hostess: Let's welcome SIN

G to the stage Qin Yu: We're very grateful to be invited here to Tencent Music Entertainment Awards Qin Yu: We appreciate your recognition a lot Qin Yu: SING will keep on … Qin Yu: … and bring everyone more Chinese-style electronic songs Qin Yu: More fantastic fusion of the modern and the traditional Qin Yu: Thanks Host & Hostess: Thanks Qin Yu: Do you have any idea how heavy this trophy is? Qin Yu: How hard it was for me to lift it on the stage? Xu Shiyin: You wanna weigh it? Bian Li: 5 kg? (We decided to replay the ceremony) Qin Yu: Is the camera rolling? Staff: Yes, it is (Acting really hard with every cell of hers) Chen Li: What the heck is this? Xu Shiyin: Big Yao? Em? Where did Big Yao go? (It really is heavy!) Lin Hui: Bye bye (Thanks for all your support, see you at the next grander stage) Chen Li: Bye bye Bian Li: Bye bye Xu Shiyin: Bye bye (Bonus scene of the episode) (Fan Girl Yu-chan!) (Yu-chan watching the playback of Lay Zhang) Qin Yu: Honey! Bian Li: You called? Qin Yu: When we return to the stage, he was sitting in front of me to the right Qin Yu: Less than a meter away Staff: How did you feel? Staff: How did you feel? Qin Yu: Seriously, my heart almost exploded Qin Yu: It was lucky that I didn't sit on your seat Qin Yu: I would not have been able to control my facial expression Bian Li: I was sitting right behind him Bian Li: He was right here Bian Li: But I felt embarrassed to stare at him Bian Li: So I had to be like this Wu Yao: You know? Xu Shiyin: I also felt too embarrassed to stare at … (Translator's note: Liu Yuning, presumably, who was also at the ceremony Xu Shiyin is a fan of his

) Wu Yao: To raise (Lay Zhang's) attention Wu Yao: … in favor of Yu-chan Wu Yao: I greeted him real loud when I passed by Wu Yao: Hello, Sir! Wu Yao: And he turned around Qin Yu: He looked back right in my eyes! Wu Yao: Remember this favor, will you? Qin Yu: Sis, sis, you're my great benefactor, sis

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