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【Kameoka Takayuki】 An “incontinence” entertainment experience.


My field of expertise is virtual reality I have been researching the mechanisms of human touch and perception

Through the knowledge I acquire, I propose and develop new devices Initially, I was in the” Fabrication Laboratory” club In the club, we wanted to make something fun! While we were sharing ideas for the school festival, a lot of ideas were discussed, The idea of “peeing yourself” came up So, we started thinking about what it meant to “wet yourself” In the beginning, we were making a device that simulated the experience of peeing your pants

The device delivered a warm sensation to your groin, as if you had wet your pants in real life For the first stage of the project, we brainstormed and came up with many different ideas and keywords We are still wondering why we fixated on “wetting yourself” I wasn’t the only one interested in it; there were others too From the start, we were a club centered around making something with VR

We were made up of people intrigued by the concept of replicating human perception Incontinence, or rather, excretion, much like eating or sleeping, is one of the intrinsic human senses Everybody does it However, no one has researched or recreated incontinence I’m fascinated by challenges that no one has tried before, so from an engineering aspect, it’s very exciting

It pushes against your stomach, producing the same pressure as when you have the urge to urinate The device is on “It’s pressing against my stomach” The pressure is getting stronger and stronger… “I’m peeing

” You can feel it seeping down to the tip of your toes It’s like I’m really peeing my pants As you can tell, it’s like your pants are wet and sticking to your skin And with that, it’s done Thank you very much

What's my vision? It’s often thought that, especially in Japan, researchers are weak when it comes to business I think about how researcher’s efforts and results should be applied in real life I’d actually like to have as many people as possible try out the “relieve yourself” experience For that reason, my goal is to become the kind of researcher that can collaborate with businesses as well as develop and commercialize new products Plans for expansion I had a few opportunities to demonstrate the device to non-Japanese people

But I’m not sure what they think about it On the other hand, I’m getting positive feedback in Japan I heard that their attitude toward human waste is different from ours So, I’m worried about their impression and whether or not it’ll be favorably received However, problems concerning incontinence and elderly care are common all over the world

I believe in the end it will be accepted Because I’m still studying to be a researcher, I want to proactively work on my dissertation I’m making plans with elderly care companies for nursing care training, and I’m realizing the importance of dissertations for protecting IP and expanding business overseas

Source: Youtube

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