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hello iris hello Maureen how are you I'm great how are you I'm also good thank you nice to meet you yeah where are you from are you from Taiwan yes I'm from Taiwan and I live in Taipei okay that's great and what do you do for a living I engineer okay what kind of engineer IT engineer okay that's fantastic and how long have you been an engineer for using how how many years yeah how many years I've been five years okay and do you love your job or would you rather be doing something else I cry like my job okay but if you could have any other job in the world which job would it be a shop what kind of shop maybe a restaurant or drink coffee shop okay that's interesting all right hi Charlie hello teacher how are you I'm good thank you I'm also good thank you how was your weekend what did you do at home with a cold Oh cold okay just cold or was it cold and raining oh not raining just cold oh all right and then hi Chloe how are you I'm good thank you how was your weekend I want to hang on with my oh really when did you get back you into Thailand Oh what did you do there so were you visiting family okay so you had a great time okay that's great all right I'm iris what was the saddest day of your life and what happened said Thursday I I didn't have her status in your life so you've never ever had a very sad day yes no you know this my my day normal okay what about me so what about when you were younger you've never had a sad day that should remember yeah I don't remember Charlie what about you I don't know I also don't know Wow okay Chloe what about you I mean I think recently is I felt I failed the interview okay so were you very sad yeah I don't know I don't know why I said oh the interview they didn't tell me the reason hmm oh they didn't tell you the reason and how long did it take for you to get back to normal and stop being sad just one day okay not too bad all right and then um what is your definition of risk when you hear the word risk what comes to mind how can you describe such a word iris risk is when when I take not change change my job or take another opportunity okay so that's your definition of a risk yes okay great so would you define yourself as a risk taker yes I like to change a lot okay so what can you give us an example of a risk that you've come across in your life or that you have taken in your life I decided to change my job after being there for five years and have another new one Wow and would you say that was a good decision or do you regret the decision yes because I have in improve my salary okay so it was a good decision yes so I think you think so and the working environment is better than your old job is similar to my old job is ever raised higher all right and then don't you miss your old colleagues yes I miss their change yeah okay all right so have you made new friends at work now each a new job not yet maybe need more time how long have you been be at the new job one week okay it's still very new okay yeah okay and then Charlie what is your definition of risk risks will put us in in the problem okay so you think taking risks is problematic not really but it is easily to fail okay so now that you've said that would you consider yourself a risk taker are you very careful and you calculate all your decisions I am a careful person because I don't want to I don't want you say say like everything okay that has there ever been a situation where you feel like you were too careful and you wished you had taken risks not yet maybe I will okay all right Chloe when you hear the word risk what comes to your mind I plan to create my hotels job on the end of January next month next year and I want to spend my whole time to prepare the past and interval for the fly attendance but the race is I don't know I when can I become a hired hand and I I don't know what time I need to spend and during this time I didn't have any that any salary no I have no money to income my my wallet I get you so this is the race which I ate in my life so it's a risk you're willing to take in order to fulfill your dreams of being a flight attendant yes I want to I want to spend whole time to prepare but I don't know how long did I need okay great so in general okay you just gave me that situation yes that is risk taking but which you consider yourself a risk taker or is it just this one situation that's making you take risks oh are you generally a risk taker I don't like the risk being careful okay all right let's just quickly watch today's video I hope it doesn't give us problems London were proud to say that they had a wish for a daughter and that is until their daughter her money wiped all trace of her existence from their memory Hermione was in the midst of a war and she was trying to protect her parents from the four she'd been fighting against for years patriarchy now bitch is gonna die six years earlier a money first boarded Ward's express excited to make friends and fun and maybe valued with her talents rather than teeth for being different Nick Granger is that seat taken I'm Harry Harry Potter and sorry this carriage is for boys only it was in that moment that Hermione thoughts learned a valuable skill throwing shade I've read all the rules there's no such thing as a boys any carriage do you know who that is that's Harry Potter the Boy Who Lived it's funny you should say that because I'm Hermione Granger the girl who gave literally zero fucks her badass antics attracted the boy's attention you are fierce and independent and that scares us will you be in our gang please despite their vaguely offensive ways Hermione sense that Ron and Harry weren't so bad over the course of the year she saved them several times without Hermione the Boy Who Lived would have been dead as *** Harry and Ron began to think of Hermione as a sister and felt protective toward her but she didn't need their protection especially when Drake who was involved nice hoodie did look even better on the floor of the Slytherin dorms what did you say to me go on say that again it was a compliment I swear it was just a con oh yeah well says this Oh Twitter wasn't around in those days but if it was she'd have just invented the boss which hashtag for Thea brought with it Bulgarian bombshell Viktor Krum he had asked Hermione to the dance and the pair looked resplendent Ron was more than a little jealous and asked Hermione to dance but she didn't want to why are you dressed like that if you don't want to tension a Ron you idiot how dare you how fucking dare you I didn't dress like this for Viktor offer you offer anyone I dressed up for me so I could feel good and you ruined it trying to repair the damage Harry apologized on Ron's behalf runs a nice guy not like Draco he didn't mean to hurt you that's the problem Harry he didn't think what he was saying was wrong and it's not just Ron and Draco I had to worry about no witches feel that way though surely yes all witches all witches have had to put up with comments like that and worse but that's that's impossible Hermione was furious if she couldn't get Harry her most reasonable supportive male friend to understand then she may as well give up but then the Dark Wizard Voldemort returned surprise bitches and summoned his Death Eaters including Draco's dad to update him on their plan when other pressing all which is quite yet my lord but soon Harry couldn't believe his ears he managed to escape but his world had changed forever it's real you were right I'm so sorry yes all witches Hermione forgave Ron realizing he too was a victim of the patriarchy when you grow up in a culture that allows wizards to speak to witches that way how he was supposed to know that it's wrong but do it again an outcome still the fight against the patriarchy was beginning in earnest after months of wandering around forests Hermione took charge let's go *** up *** sensing this might be her last night on earth hermione kissed Ron's she didn't have time to explain that this was not a binding contract guaranteeing a future of marriage and children sometimes a kiss was just that Draco was still trying to make this all about him which is get a free ride it's with us like me who suffer where's my special treatment I deserve a kiss it's missin tree I tell you don't misinterpret your feelings of inadequacy for the cultural social economic and political oppression of an entire gender Draco didn't listen so Hermione shot him down the best way she knew how she said that bitch on fire outside the Battle of Hogwarts had begun Hermione broke the bad news to Harry for the plan to work he'd have to die Harry Potter is dead long live the patriarchy but Hermione wasn't done yet not so fast *** face a girl who gave literally zero fucks we meet at last you know I used to hate you but now I pity you you didn't hate witches you hate yourself that's what this is really about Harry was alive the whole time so much privileged that boy even death gave him a pass Hermione had figured out the source of Voldemort's power his snake she given Neville the most important job because good leadership is about good delegation and he arrived right on schedule cutting the head off Voldemort's snake just the tip really with his snake dismembered Voldemort crumbled away to nothing and took his archaic notions of gender roles with him does this mean the patriarchy is over unfortunately now their figurehead has gone yes but the fight will continue we need to weed out and destroy sexism in all its forms Hermione did just that she dedicated her life to wiping out sexism in both the magic and muggle world all was well there's some words there that I actually wanted to click on but can you hear me yes okay there were some words I wanted to click on but it was too fast for example patriarchy um does anyone know what the word patriarchy means oh gosh why is it doing that I was trying to type it out so that you can see the meaning that is just being so slow I'm it's a okay anyway patriarchy um a system okay which believes that as a certain group has a big advantage over another for example in society it is believed that men have bigger power should have more advantages than women okay that's patriarchy for example that man should work women should stay at home and just cook clean wash the dishes that's patriarchy okay do you understand yes yes yeah okay so that's what patriarchy is okay now dealing with that word iris what do you think what is your thoughts on patriarchy I thought it is a word may not be exist in serial country nowadays okay yeah definitely all right and then there was another word day six ISM okay I'm Charlie do you know what success is eh I am Samson's sexism it's just rate okay buddy anyway I'm wireless typing it was going to write it for you in Chinese it's also similar to patriarchy it's a discrimination mainly against women okay it's a discrimination based on your gender we know that sex is a gender male or female so sexism is a discrimination against women mainly okay do you understand yeah alright now it's a paycheck now what's your opinion on this is a patriarchy Charlie I think every gender is evil they are not like boys or girls are not greater than another gender so I think it is not good okay alright so you think it's not good at all alright but are these certain rules you think favor men more than women and you think should stay that way in certain way may beings some jobs like in some jobs and they need the people who are stronger enough to maybe to move something so the men should be in that position okay so but do you think it's okay for women to be upset if they are not given the opportunity in that kind of job yes because some women think they are they are not worse than the men so maybe they can they can stand out and and fight for their rights okay all right Chloe what do you think about patriotism translational idea the work this job man can do and woman also can do it like pilots or the nurse everyone thing but the nurse are all girls and because there are many men too the nurse in recently okay yes so now even jobs federal woman a mainly woman fisted now have men right okay now I'm Chloe and Charlie I know I've asked you this question before so I'm not going to ask it to you iris we have when have you ever seen patriarchy or sexism playing a role at your workplace or in your life yes my previous boss think that women cannot take care of yourself during a business trip so he will he won't give a fresh freshman if if that woman the opportunity to go to prison his travel so he usually gave it to men took on business trips yes there are two people one is woman and no reason man he will choose the Manchu to the task Wow and how did women in the business feel about it we fear is unfair and because there's not a hard work and and he pick he will use this task to to to qualify your ear bonus so if you don't have take the task your your your score or will be lower and therefore you forfeit your bonus yes oh wow that is really unfair and did you ever try and raise your concerns your complaints did you ever try and complain we only can plan on the table and with a result know they they he will say he is fair because he has such concert Wow okay that's very insane okay now Charlie in New York I want to hear this from a guy's perspective okay in your definition right what is a wife material so what qualities do you think a wife needs to have they need to be careful because nowadays in in common situations there are only they're mostly woman's taking care of children's so they must be careful to take care of them okay and another point do you have any other point of equality that a wife material should have they they need they they need to be like they won't spend money as they want like because nowadays many many wife who will take care of the money of their husbands so they need to be money conscious yes okay is that all yeah nothing all right and then Chloe according to you what is husband material qualities that a husband must protray lay em to do housework okay together together so they need to be helpful helpful right okay like the wife have a coat and husband can help them to wash the dishes I agree with you a hundred percent yes I agree okay and then what else okay our children together okay it's just not only wife work okay so they need to help in the upbringing of children of your children because they're not just your children but they they are both of you both of y'all's children so the both of you need to take care of them I agree okay and then iris do you think there's anything wrong with you working in your household okay and your husband being a househusband meaning he doesn't work he takes care of the kids he cleans the house but you wake up every morning and you go to work do you think there's anything wrong with that I think that I will be more fresh pressure when when the house income is only depend on me okay now because you gave me that answer let me spin around the question now would you mind being a housewife and having your husband go and work by himself No i I want to be in dependence so if I need wrong anything wrong in my marriage then I can have a right to to deal with very nice reasoning yeah okay so you want to have a back-up plan something to fall on to financial and be able to support yourself yeah okay that's that very smart okay now charlie would you mind being a househusband no because I think it is oh so you would mind to be a househusband yes because I want to do okay but now would you mind having a housewife hmm if they want they can be a housewife if they don't then they can go out and do whatever they want okay so it doesn't matter if they if they want to be a housewife it's okay and if they want to be a career woman also fine okay and then Chloe how would you feel if you were the one working and your husband wasn't so much okay okay so now if you're getting a lot of money you'd be fine with your husband staying at home sure okay at the first you need to attain this to keep tape our home or our house I can I can reduce my stressful family work okay all right and would you mind being a housewife I don't mind but if I have the chance I want to work earn the money by myself okay all right great okay fantastic so the last time when I did this it was just Charlie and me um so today I'm at least it's a lot of us so we might actually have fun with this game I want us for the next 20 minutes this is just to learn vocabulary and just to brushing up on the meanings of words okay so nothing serious so I want us to play hangman okay um do I restore understand how to play hangman have you ever played it before no no okay Chloe what about you okay you know it okay so what's gonna happen iris can you see I have on this page I wrote the synonyms right do you know what synonyms are yes okay great absolutely so now what's gonna happen here I've written seven words right um now what you must do is to guess the synonym for each word but if you don't know the forward we can start with you just guessing an alphabet okay now if you guessed the wrong alphabet you wanna get I'm gonna straw ahead and then the second wrong is a body until the whole body is complete then it means you got it wrong okay and then we move on and then I'll give you the answer then we move on to the next one okay you understand as time goes okay if you didn't understand my explanation you will understand so let's just start with the first one and lit charlie do number one and then you can see how we're going to do this okay so the synonym for Inquirer Charlie do you know it's three words asked yeah UK you're right so you didn't even have to guess fantastic okay and then the second one Chloe has five word the courageous what is the synonym for courageous five absolutely see this one is easy okay now iris boring has four words flat sorry flat okay no I'm alright clicks now you can get an alphabet okay gets an alphabet D D okay yes that's right B oh you're right so you need to get four more alphabet I mean three more so yeah so yep you're right down camp and the next one humorous Chloe I'm sorry Charlie humorous days with a a no that's wrong so you have a hit second alphabet I see yes yep funny yeah funny okay great and then the next one mischievous Chloe hey okay yes you're right I know why yes you're right if naughty yes okay okay great and then skid ires ires hello iris okay I think her Network froze iris hello yes okay yes um can you do number six bars sorry I can't hear her name sorry panic panic no not panic you can guess the alphabet eh yes okay I think something is wrong with your network okay let's just wait for it to come back okay in the meantime I'll be doing number seven okay so charlie let's go for number seven enough yeah enough you're right iris are you back yeah sorry okay great no problem okay so you said a for number six that's correct oh right yeah that's the right one okay great nice and easy okay now let's go for meetings okay careful watch for possible danger Chloe this is for you number one you can read the meaning for yourself and then not challenge you can kiss them alphabets a-okay yes you're right you can gues another one I okay yes why sorry why no no there aren't any nouns left sorry sorry there aren't any I can give you a clue they aren't any vowels left okay so aunt any balls left the only alphabets that I left a consonant yes it's an adjective of camp tu right you have two more cases then I'll give you the answer well yes you're right just case uh-huh oh no now you have one more guest yes no you already guessed you already guessed it so you need to give me another guess you can't be okay now okay so does anyone know the answer maybe iris do you know the answer no I didn't know okay Charlie do you know so possible watch careful watch for possible danger it means to be vigilant vigilant yes okay and then next one quite easy I think Charlie confused yes supposed to be eight not six sorry he is confused you're right and then next one interfere with normal chaotic so when you interfere with the normal arrangement of something you can guess the alphabet s no a I yes t t yes yeah yeah any oh no you have two more H no one more well no okay does anyone know the answer no you know this this is such a simple word maybe it's the definition that's confusing you I definitely know you know this you've heard this word before yeah okay so when you interfere with something you are disturbing it all right and then Chloe number four negative attitude I think you know this when you are negative when you have a negative attitude towards everything no not passive close but not passive okay quickly guess the alphabet just know not a P P C oh okay yes that's right yes okay no it should be here yeah yes okay I'll show you just now I'm just running out of space yes you don't know yes yes yes sorry yes pessimistic pessimistic clam all right and then we almost done the next one expressed warm warm approval of something or someone Charlie yes you're right this is actually six I write six promise yes you're right so one more word pray so when you praise someone you're giving them sort of a compliment or you approve of whatever they doing okay and then last one okay iris a higher rank in status or quantities for example your boss okay as your boss has a higher rank in status or quality therefore he is what supervisor know very close the word is taken from the word supervisor or rather supervisor is taken from that word supervise okay just guessed alphabets a no there's no yes you are inferior okay so the opposite of superior is inferior okay are you done okay all right we've come to the end of the lesson thank you so so much for joining me them and I'll see you next time have a good night okay thank you

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