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【ENG Sub】【肖战XiaoZhan】Daily entertainment temporary host每日文娱播报 北京台扫楼彩蛋


Hello, everyone Welcome to the daily entertainment I'm the temporary host today XiaoZhan Let me take a look Go, go, go Hello Hello Hello Hello Did I interupt your work Did I bother you Come on Xiao Zhan The spokesman of 2019 Spring Festival gala Hello, hello Is it the visiting time for our host today I am here to take a look at your work environment I'm curious Is that shooting now? We are now recording the host of the broadcast Do you want to have a try Come on Sit, sit, sit Wow, so many buttons You can use it to control You can still see that

change your hand You can see the overlapping picture Hui hui, Now your instructor is Xiao Zhan Hey Hello Hey, hello, can you see me I can, I can I think you're better to experience there Ok, ok, ok Go go go Try to be an anchor It's ok Let's go Hello, everyone Am I bothering you Ouyang hui The host Hello Hello Finally to meet you in person, I am so happy Am I bothering you to do the work I have a toothache when I see you Why Because you are so sweet Would you like to try to be the host Yeah Let's see May you try to speak this draft Yeah, ok Hello, everyone Welcome to the daily entertainment I'm Xiao Zhan,the temporary host today 2020 Beijing Spring Festival gala's launch event is held at the 41st floor of Beijing TV station on December 28 Now let's take a look at how does Xiao Zhan understand his new identity of the spokesperson for the Beijing Spring Festival gala So at this point I should mention myself Yes, mention yourself Ok, try it completely Let me see At this point, I'm going to jump back to myself And then face the camera to say something Ok So I'm going to start I am soooo happy to meet you as the spokesperson for the Beijing Spring Festival gala Then I won't forget the slogan Watch the Beijing Spring Festival gala You are the happiest Is that ok Cut, one pass Is that interesting It's funny, funny Have you ever been a host No How was the first time I just know There ia an autocue Thank you There is an autocue on it So his vision would be better I thought that the host I thought the anchor had a good memory

Source: Youtube

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