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【ENG】(Stray Kids)스트레이키즈 놀라운 성과에 미국 MTV 집중조명? Stray Kids american mtv 스트레이키즈 신곡,스트레이키즈 해외,돌곰별곰TV


Thanks for watching The entertainment news Dol-Gom ByulGom TV Hello, we are Dol-Gom Byul-GomTV on And I am Byul-Gom

This time, I'll tell you about Stray Kids On the 16th, MTV in the US highlighted Stray Kids' album 'Clé 1: MIROH' in a column He left a favorable comment on the album, saying, "They have revealed a new path to K-pop

" In the article, he analyzed 'Clé 1: MIROH' in detail ALBUMS OFF THE YEAR: STRAY KIDS FORGE THEIR OWN PATH ON MIROH' In the article, he analyzed 'Clé 1: MIROH' in detail Start answering the album about self-reflection that started in the "I am" series in 2018 In-depth concerns about identity are contained in the 'Clé' trilogy, including 'MiroH' As for the title track "MIROH," "MIROH" is fearlessly defiant in K-pop, where Melody is the main I don’t follow the structure of a familiar song" In addition, Stray Kids re-certified its rapid growth by listing on various overseas charts in 2019

They was ranked seventh in Spotify’s "Most Streamed K-pop Artist" In Dazed's Best K-pop 20 of 2009, Stray Kids' song 'The Side effect' topped the list Also, Stray Kids' 'Clé : LEVANTER' released on the 19th Also, Stray Kids' 'Clé : LEVANTER' released on the 19th ​I like your subscription and Don't forget

Second news Stray Kids posted two selfies of Hyunjin and IN on its official SNS on the 17th "Thanks, Stay

" In the picture, Hyunjin and IN looked at the camera with a heart-shaped hand It shows him posing as a V Also, the two of them have hair bands, rings, earrings, etc

They wore a variety of accessories and showed off her bright fashion sense In particular, the photo is believed to have been taken during a recording of MBC's "Idol Athletics Competition," which took place on the 16th Hyun-jin and IN drew attention by perfectly digesting the name tag and red-colored sportswear symbolizing the Idol Athletics Competition

Third news The first episode of 'B SIDE' was released on the playlist's YouTube channel Mu:fully on the 17th Stray Kids revealed their everyday lives at JYP's office First of all, the dinner for the studio drew laughter with a sloppy look for the key to the studio Along with Bangchan, Han and Changbin of the 3RACHA producing group will also come into the workshop

They've made a surprise announcement of their work Changbin said, "We deviate from music I think we release a lot of stress with music" Bangchan released some of Changbin's songs, saying it was a recent song "Every time I hear this, I feel creepy

It's my favorite tower line It's so nice to hear There are rumors that the staff members shed tears after hearing this song," he said in a lavish compliment Since then, they've played some of the songs Seungmin and Changbin, saying, "This is the song that fans expect" Changbin said, "I worked with Seungmin for the first time

Since we always keep the middle score well, I think we've made a song that fits each other well You have to be stubborn when you are working on music, but you have to be considerate all the time" Other songs that Bangchan gave me as a gift to IN The FELIX's intense wrapping caught our attention by presenting impressive songs one by one

And finally, Bangchan said about "Gone Days," calling it "a song that definitely reinvented our own identity" "It's a story for all the seniors in the world," he explained The three men were making dance moves in the practice room, Lee Know and Hyunjin FELIX, IN

and Seungmin, take your corporate card Tell them they tried to go to lunch, but they lost their corporate card It made viewers wonder Meanwhile, "B SIDE" looks behind the idol groups' self as working idols With a program that sheds light on yourself as a KPOP artist who creates his own colors

It shows the process of producing, composing, raping, creating, and creating choreography, not the way an artist looks on stage They plans to show their self as an artist I'm looking forward to it Here's the story from Stray Kids Wait here! Your favorite celebrities, all kinds of information, articles, etc If you ask me in the comments, We're going to choose our own broadcast, so please participate! Thank you

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