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It is our Hello and good evening Yukihisa Oikawa BREAKING NEWS Today we will tell you about the latest situation in Hong Kong Today is the morning of November 19th It was a siege campaign for students at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong that started at the end of last week

Hong Kong ’s riot police Siege the students gathered at this university of science and technology so that they cannot escape And the bottom line is trying to kill them This is already It is not the case that the Hong Kong police riot police suppresses the democratic demands of Hong Kong citizens It ’s not a riot, it ’s a war Citizens are saying that in Hong Kong it's time to war I think that's exactly what this means that the government of the country kills its people That this type of war is now taking place in Hong Kong

I think the world is coming when we have to recognize If you look at this photo, it looks like this Hong Kong youth The violent riot squad is being put into a bloody state by outrageous violence I won't treat you with an arrest on it I won't treat you, so keep it That has always happened And I want you to see this video this is Students caught around the University of Science and Technology This is how I'm scratched Here, the police now stepped on their heads

This is already happening This is happening again In this way, crush your head I'm injured one after another, and this is what is happening in Hong Kong now And this is also a very problematic video on the internet now Hong Kong students already caught In some form of this This is the train that was sent to the train It's a train going from Hong Kong to mainland China

Why are they on the train going to mainland China? It seems that the US government is already in the investigation In the first place, this Hong Kong demonstration is the escape crime regulations A suspect who was caught in Hong Kong In opposition to the fugitive code that can be sent to mainland China before it is brought to justice A demo happened The Hong Kong government should have withdrawn the amendment to the fugitive code, but it's already done Put the arrested students on the train in such a way that they were caught and not yet tried It is seen as trying to send to China I don't know the truth, It ’s already possible that only We should know that we are awake It ’s even more that now This is the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong

Thousands of students gathered at the University of Science and Technology Currently, there are still about 800 students left in this area There is no water or food In such a situation Now you can't escape because you're blocking all the exits Why is the whole university blocked so students can't escape? No matter how you think this, everyone is willing to kill you

I think I'm going to kill everyone I do n’t know if it ’s going to show that I can only think of trying to do it In that situation, the citizens This is one video of an activity that somehow has to rescue these students From the corner of this university with a rope Pull the students down with a rope There is a volunteer motorcycle team motorcycle there and put each one on the motorcycle I'm doing this kind of activity to leave the place immediately Why can't I run away from college without doing this? It ’s completely abnormal In this situation, the international community moves It's the United States

US Secretary of State, Pompeeo of the Trump administration, issued an urgent statement Secretary of State Pompeo himself Announced as a speech The Hong Kong government should deal with this situation I'm saying that violence won't solve this situation So if the American Trump administration is going to do more than that It ’s a notice that America will take decisive action It ’s clear what it ’s going to be Australia Australia too It seems that there was something like a human rights agreement that was tied to China

Saying to destroy it The United Kingdom also responded to this situation as a whole and the Commonwealth and Commonwealth The Chinese government has issued a warning that it is unusual for this situation in Hong Kong in the back So the whole international community has already started to voice the government officially accused Except for Japan, Japan is doing something like cherry blossoms The United States is probably not expecting Secretary of State Pompeeo has issued such a statement And the American parliament that I mentioned several times in this video The “Hong Kong Human Rights Democracy Bill” It will be resolved later this week and if President Trump signs it The US government will impose strict sanctions against Hong Kong And the most severe sanctions are That the US government keeps China out of the international financial system This is the back hand that America has This is for China or Iran I will use this hand for the end wherever I go China is If you're locked out of this dollar-based global financial system, you can't do anything anymore The last is that point It should be preserved, so at what stage will China scream Will you surrender or fight against it? Since there is a Hong Kong Human Rights Democracy Bill as the previous stage, this Hong Kong Human Rights Democracy Bill Anyway first To pass Until then I want the people of Hong Kong to be patient On top of that, the international community centered on the United States I strongly urge you to take decisive action against China

That is all for today I want to tell you about the situation again Thank you for watching to the end

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