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Hello everyone And good evening is Yukihisa Oikawa Breaking News Today's theme is American iran war I'm sending you that Iran doesn't want to fight

I covered it in my video yesterday, but now, The media around the world is saying that the war between the United States and Iran will begin It's been a fuss, the Japanese media, and various commentators are just talking about it In short, what did Trump decide? Why that important person, the commander of Iran It's a feeling that you've killed the lamp and that you've been killed And in that situation, there are some slightly different opinions In my view, it was a conservative magazine called the National Review of the United States It was an opinion article, but this kind of article appeared Soreimani killing in Iran's military myths will be revealed Well, it's the content of the headline

that There is a myth that Iran has great military power The truth is that this Soleimani killing It's about the truth being revealed This is Solei Mani In this The Iran Revolutionary Defense Corps The special units are called Kods and their characteristics are He is leading military organizations in other countries This is the biggest feature Other countries are like here Iraq Syria Lebanon Af Ganistan Yemen and these countries A military organization is a militia organization Not the army of the country, but the organization of the militia in that country Well, Iran ’s Revolutionary Defense Corps Well, they give you guidance and give them weapons too

And through it In short, Iran Since the Revolutionary Guard corps had strong militia organizations in these countries in the Middle East, One myth has been completed Iran could cause terrorism throughout the Middle East So if Iran's headquarters gives me instructions, A strengthened militia in each country, trained and armed by Iran, When they rise up all at once In that regard Because there is this myth It's now a big chorus of Trump criticism, right? Trump's judgment that he killed this Soleimani To be reckless Too reckless That's a criticism of that Japanese commentator I saw Trump means that you don't know this military at all That nation of the 20th century I think that the normal war between nations is a war But in the 21st century The war between the state and the terrorist organization is such an asymmetrical war I don't know it at all

The critics did, but it was exactly This is called Solei Mani Well, this Iran isn't a well-known army, but well, Iran's government army Terrorist organizations in each country If it comes to an uprising because it has been made The United States will not be able to respond to this asymmetric war, Israel will not be able to respond I guess it's going to be a big deal, but However Is Iran a great empire that truly controls the entire Middle East? There is actually such a question like this Commander Soleimani is certainly a country in the Middle East Trained this militia in various places So if he is there, this organization may move However, the death of the killing of the Solei Mani means that the militias It means that this militia organization has lost its leader Well, the world's media still says Iran will retaliate I am saying And especially the British Times The times in England were not to the Iranian government You're under pressure to retaliate What I mean is a person named Soleimani This person is Well It is said in Japan that it is like a national hero in Iran No, it's not that level, it's not a national hero or that level Iran 's current administration The current administration, when the current administration collapsed People think that the next leader is already him I was in the position of the next leader Oh dear That person Because he was killed by the United States Well, Iran's current administration has no choice but to retaliate The anger of the people is saying that the people are no longer silent So then, does Iran really do such massive retaliation and war with the United States? Regarding that, in past cases In this article, this National Review, this example was given This person, called Imado Mugniya, Hezbollah in Lebanon Hezbollah was the number 2 person

Hezbollah is exactly what the Iranian Revolutionary Guards mentioned earlier Well, I grew up in Solei Mani Lebanese militia organization The militia is also a huge organization, but he was the No 2 Hezbollah in Lebanon He was an incredible strategist This person was under the influence of this Solei Mani It was killed by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad in 2008 Hezbollah, or Lebanese people It should be a massive retaliation against Israel as a voice I was supposed to say that massive retaliation would take place against Israel Nothing happened The reason is that In Iran Weapon power Weapon power Um In Hezbollah's bag Because the power of Iran's weapons was actually not a big deal Well, Iran is this ballistic missile, cruise missile and drone I have a lot of these things You are supplying it in large quantities

It is provided to Hezbollah etc Like this Use missiles There is no precision guidance technology It seems difficult I don't know because I'm not a military expert Without this precision guidance technology, no matter how much you make it, you cannot use it Then, from a country like Israel, Israel says that such a missile could easily be shot down, if at all That's why Iran knows that too After all, after Hezbollah's number two killing earlier Great Retaliation Didn't happen In that regard Iran's Islamic government doesn't really want to fight Because if you know that war will destroy your administration, right? So Iran would take some retaliation Earlier Soleimani is the only person There is pressure to do something, so some retaliation Something is happening It is said that about three missiles flew in Baghdad Something is happening but just If you do, Iran should do so only with cautious action one more The latest article in The Wall Street Journal states: Iran cannot fight America because The bag should be a supporter who should be in the back of Iran Because Russia and China will not be with us Russia and China in this case Wouldn't help me anything This is already true Well, in a sense, the Trump administration's strategy in the United States It may have been to make this known to Iran In that regard Well, from here, at the end, well, my personal It is hopeful observation After all this current situation How do we solve this situation? It won't be a big war Well, this is hopeful hope Well, when the hotspot cools down, the final solution is President Trump and President Iran's Row Hani Talks with I think we can only do it It's not so much now, but it's definitely not like that But somewhere I think we can only do this, right? And that brought Iran out of China Let go To separate Iran from China

I think it's meaningful this time The President's decision may have been reckless But if this makes sense, we will eventually pull this Iran away from China This matter might not have been in vain if it could be taken there But the possibility may not be very high What this I hope that the top talks will be realized Thank you for watching

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