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It is everyone Hello and good evening Hisayuki Oikawa Today's theme is the new coronavirus, a Chinese biochemical weapon I would like to send you this possibility In this video about this new coronavirus, I've touched on the potential impact of this on financial markets Today is January 27th, Monday The world has become a big problem and the first Monday of the week the financial markets are now open in Tokyo The stock price on the Tokyo Stock Exchange has dropped considerably by more than 400 yen as expected

At the same time in my video yesterday If the new coronavirus was the most affected in the financial markets, Exchange rate, not the Chinese one, but the Korean won Because the Korean economy is too dependent on the Chinese economy If this would stop the Chinese economy, The impact is manifested in the tourism economy It may appear in the weakening Korean currency Won Actually, the Korean won is now crashing South Korean won So this is the theme of today The new coronavirus suggests that this may have been a Chinese biochemical weapon A newspaper in Washington, USA, called The Washington Times, reported on January 26, yesterday If it were true, it would be a great scoop The content is like this The source of this new coronavirus this time The Chinese government says it was a seafood market, but otherwise Not so It says that it was the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Toxicological Research Institute This is because the Chinese government secretly That they are doing research on the development of biological and chemical weapons

This is what an Israeli biochemical weapons expert says in this newspaper It would be difficult if true Biochemical weapons are like weapons of mass destruction like nuclear weapons As one of these weapons of mass destruction It means that this institute makes biochemical weap ons This is especially the coronavirus It seems that they are said to be doing research especially on SARS And I guess SARS is being manufactured as a biochemical weapon As you know, SARS From 2002 to 2003, it was spread from Hong Kong After this SARS, China It can be used as a military weapon, it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction So, as one of the biological and chemical weapons, It seems that there is a doubt that it was manufactured If it were true it would be hard I was studying that SARS

What does that mean What is spreading now is not the new coronavirus What is SARS and what is a variant of SARS It's a story about transforming it as a chemical weapon At first, the Chinese government says that the source is the seafood market, Apparently, this Wuhan poison research institute is 30 kilometers away from the seafood market In this article, the expert on Israeli biochemical weapons This new coronavirus is probably a variant of SARS Did it leak from this laboratory? Or did the researchers here spread from person to person and spread from person to person? If this is true, I do n’t have any evidence but if this is true The Chinese government has concealed the facts That China is making this biochemical weapon The Chinese government has denied this, of course But the US State Department last year It exposes that China is developing biochemical weapons secretly At present, army is actually deployed in Wuhan The reason the army is deployed There are as many as 11 million people in Takekan, so do n’t let people go outside

The story is that the army is deployed and stopped If the real reason that this army was deployed If there was a background that a new coronavirus as a biochemical weapon had leaked This is tough But if so, the Chinese government will probably not say the truth So this Washington Times article is this true It may be difficult for this to become apparent, but as one possibility I shared with you that there was such a report That's all for today Thank you for watching

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