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It is our Hello and good evening Hisayuki Oikawa BREAKING NEWS Today ’s theme is [Iran Commander Killing] I'm sending you that Iran's Revolutionary Defense Corps understands everyone Please come along The year has come, and in 2020, something hard happened in the Middle East Commander of this Iranian revolutionary defense squad was killed by US

forces Now this is the biggest news in the world To understand this, First of all, I think you should know what the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is all about Today, anyone can understand I want to talk about basic knowledge about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard It's a bit complicated, but I want to be as easy to understand as possible First, what happened was on January 2nd US forces killed Commander Soleimani of this Iranian Revolutionary Guard What did the killing of Commander Soleimani bring about? Has created the greatest tension now since the Iraq war in the Middle East It means that you are now in a very nervous state What is this Iranian revolutionary defense squad that has such a great influence? Iran has two armies in the first place One is the national army, the so-called regular army, and the other is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard For some reason Iran has two troops First of all, the current Iranian regime, this is a regime controlled by Islamic leaders

Islamic religious priests or religious governments And since then, since the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979 It is also called the Khomeini Revolution, but until now, until this 1979 revolution, The pro-American king, Parlebi, was the one who controlled Iran At this time, this revolution took place, and a religious revolution took place This King of Perlebi was expelled The new government The new government was created by Shiite leaders Then the government was renewed In Japan it may be like the Edo Shogunate was overthrown and the Meiji government was established What happened to the army from the previous government when that happened What happened to the army? Iran's army from King Palevi's era remained intact However, from the perspective of Shiite leaders and new government leaders, this Iranian army is an enemy army It was an enemy army, but this time we decided to work together with the new government I decided to do it together, but it was a former enemy army for Shiite leaders Because they are revolutionary governments There ’s no loyalty to this army It ’s difficult for Shiite leaders to use

Actually at this timing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein admits He took advantage of the turmoil of the Iranian revolution to seize Iranian territory This was the Iran-Iraq war, right? This Iran-Iraq war broke out At this time, the government of Iran has to protect this revolution Because of this, Iran ’s army is not loyal So, because it ’s your own army, I created the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, another army That's such an army This Iranian Revolutionary Guard is I have land, sea, and air, and even the Marines There are 125,000 people The Iranian army is certainly 300,000 or 400,000, but it's less than that There are 125,000 people There is a special unit in this is a special unit called Godos or Kods I think this is the Koz Special Forces used in the Japanese press today What this special unit is doing I lead military organizations in other countries Other countries are here Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc Militia organizations for military organizations in these countries This is the organization of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard

In that sense, in those countries, A form like a subordinate organization of the Iran Revolutionary Defense Corps has built up an international network This time, the commander of the special forces killed by the US military this time It's called Garsem Soleimani This commander, Garcel Soleimani He looks like a national hero in Iran That's the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the special units among them Furthermore, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was prominent in the international community when ISIS emerged ISIS came out in Iraq and Syria With the rise of ISIS, ISIS has taken many bases in Iran On the other hand The Iraqi army was weak, so the Iranian Revolutionary Guard I fought with ISIS in Iraqi military uniforms This Iraqi base that was taken by ISIS The Iranian Revolutionary Guard recaptured one after another

The United States was watching the Iranian Revolutionary Defense Corps fighting ISIS The United States at that time was the Obama administration The Obama administration could use this Iranian Revolutionary Guard At that time, the Obama administration, which had been struggling with the ISIS, did not fight So you decided to use this Iranian Revolutionary Guard for ISIS, right? Then Iran is fighting ISIS instead of the US The reward was the Iran nuclear agreement The Obama administration pushed forward this Iran nuclear agreement and said it was a historic agreement The contents were ISIS Nuclear development Iran was doing at the time in return for fighting ISIS It was the reality of this Iran nuclear agreement that tolerate this nuclear development So, centrifuges and uranium enrichment technologies were virtually acceptable Then the Obama administration was gone Instead came the Trump administration If the Trump administration comes out, it might be a fool to look at the actual contents of this Iran nuclear agreement The United States withdrew from this Iran nuclear agreement because it could do such a thing Then, from the Iranian side, I was supposed to get this Iran nuclear agreement in return for fighting this ISIS When the US

president changed, it was destroyed It is like removing the ladder Naturally, tension between the United States and Iran was growing That was last year, At this time, what happened to the Trump administration was that Iran's President Lohani and Trump were in talks Just as the Trump administration held a top talks with North Korea between Kim Jong Un and President Trump Talks between Iranian President Lohani and US President Trump You were trying to do this last year In the middle of last June Just when Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited Iran, A Japanese tanker was attacked by someone in the Middle East It ’s about who the culprit is It turned out that it was an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Trump and Lohani's top talks were trying to make this happen It was not realized On the other hand This time, Commander Soleimani, who was killed this time, This person is seen as a terrorist performing such a terrorist attack, In Iran, they are seen as national heroes It was a person who did not know which was true Up to this point, it is the flow since the formation of this Iranian Revolutionary Guard Anyway, there are few people in the Middle East, especially Iran I do n’t know the actual situation

One thing I ’d like to introduce here is a new YouTube video The YouTube video “Middle East with Real Face” just started recently Ryota Shiratori is a YouTuber but this is my friend My friend is a video he just started It is a video that is not yet known Ryota Shirotori actually went to this place Please check it out because it ’s a video made up of the videos I really understand the real face of the Middle East or the real face of Iran And why did the United States kill this Commander Soleimani? Why do you take that risk when you do that, and that creates a great tension? This has been a lot of work since the end of last year If you try to organize, it will be easier to organize First, on December 27, last year, a US military base in Iran Here is a rocket shot A rocket was shot This killed an American trader, a private houseman, entering and leaving this US military base

And then, four American troops were injured, so it was already hard It's like a rocket was hit at a US military base in Japan Who is the culprit Is it an organization called Kataive Hezbollah KH? This Kataive Hezbollah The special forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Kods, I'm the Iraqi Shiite paramilitary in charge So the culprit is this Iraqi militia, Behind that is the Kod of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard It means that Iran actually did it Iraqi militia did it The fact is that Iran ’s Revolutionary Guard has done it The Trump administration has to do something for this I retaliated on December 29 President Trump attacked here at this KH military base Attacked with a drone On the other hand, this time it is retaliation again, the retaliation battle has begun KH on December 31 Attacked the U

S embassy in Iraq When the US embassy in the Middle East is attacked There are some bad experiences in the past about the US Embassy One of them was 1979 After the Palebi national road was expelled US embassy in Iran says hostage There was a hostage case that was taken hostage for two years This is a very big event This is a movie and it's an Academy Award Then, in 2012, during the Obama administration, Benghazi in Libya US consulate in Benghazi is attacked So the Libyan ambassador in the United States was killed? This was also a big incident Since there have been two cases related to the US Embassy in Benghazi, Iran and Libya, I wonder if it will be the second dance To prevent it To take the initiative January 2 The US Army in Baghdad, Iraq It was that Iran's Revolutionary Defense Corps killed Commander Soleimani This is the history so far What will happen after this There isn't much bright future in that, but you can only see pessimistic things I would like to upload another video about that That ’s all for today Thank you for watching

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