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Subs collected, corrected and if necessary adapted by TRONAR for "Breaking Bad Season 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 + Extras BDRip DVDRip HDTV TSV" <i>So cigarettes and gas is</i> $7970 Crap Oh, there's an ATM right outside Yeah, I don't have a card

Well, you can write a personal check with ID Kind of in between banks right now You think I could just come back later? I'm totally good for it I'd come back

If it were me, I'd be, "Totally, you know, no problem" But my dad is this ginormous hardass He was in Fallujah for a year, and he always checks the receipts I mean, like always I've got to call him I'm sorry Wait, wait, wait

Hold Hold on a second Maybe if we could, um trade

Ever try it? I mean, I smoke pot a lot sometimes I party ButBut that stuff's really addictive, right? Not really It's just a media thing

You know? You know? What's it like? It's awesome Everything's maximum interesting You get these really cold and sharp-like action dagger feelings It's awesome Come on

What do you say? Have a nice day <i>Now, how does it feel?</i> <i>Does it hurt?</i> Yeah, it's tight Okay, but is it painful? It's hard to breathe Well, you need your breathing Uh, well

although let's not lose sight of the fact that you were the victim of a terrible accident, Antonioso some discomfort is to be expected Let's go with that one Oh, and spread the word I'm building a class-action, flight 515

Victims' families would be great, but I'll take anyone on he ground who suffered emotionally anxiety, sleeplessness, you get the picture Trouble? <i>Ted Beneke? You cannot be serious</i> <i>That guys is a joke You know what, Walt? You know what? You called my bluff</i> <i>I called your

What does that even mean?</i> <i>You dared me to tell the police, and I couldn't do it, so you win</i> <i>If you want to stay in this house, fine, but we are not married anymore</i> <i>I told you that I was done cooking meth, Skyler

</i> <i>Oh, right I promised you that And so what?</i> <i>At least I didn't run off to go</i> <i>Jesus! I mean, everything that I did, I did for this family</i> <i>Oh, yeah, you just keep telling yourself that Oh, and what is that supposed to mean?</i> <i>You don't like it? Then leave</i> <i>and take your drug money with you That's what you want</i> Jesus

Garbage disposal <i>You think this will get me to move out?</i> <i>You can screw Ted You can screw the butcher, the mailman, whoever you want</i> <i>Screw them all I'm not going anywhere

</i> <i>Good Suit yourself</i> Is this a good or bad thing? <i>You want me to suit myself?</i> <i>I'll suit myself to his face!</i> It's a bad thing Hello Ahem

Walter White to see Ted Beneke I'm sorry Mr Beneke's on a conference call Mm-hmm, okay

I will wait It could be a while I have all the time in the world Okay Here we go

Okay Excuse me Mr Beneke's not available Ted? – Come on

– Señor Ted, I can see you I can see you standing right there in your office

Now, come on Open the door Come on, let's talk I just want to talk That's all

Come on, let's be men about this Huh? Okay? How about that? Aha Hey, Walt, I'm kind of in the middle of something Oh, yes, you are So open the door You're damn right you are

You're right in the middle Just open the door, and let's talk about it, okay? Open the door, Ted, right now All right, you don't want to be a man about it? Okay Plan B How do you like that? Plan B

¡Walt! ¡Walt! ¡Walt! What are you doing? I'm talking with Ted ¡Next time, you'll open

the door! Señor, vamos I'm just here to talk I just want to talk to him God Can I just talk? I just want to talk to him

I'm just talk All right All right, all right, all right, I'm calm

¡I'm calm! Fuck What do you want? What do you want? Hey! Hey, come on What the hell is wrong with you? You act like you're the first guy this ever happened to I caught my second wife screwing my stepdad, okay? It's a cruel world, Walt Grow up

I just wanted to talk to him Yeah, well, now I'm talking to you Consider this an intervention You could have been arrested back there You understand

I mean, speaking as your lawyer, I'm always looking for billable hours, but speaking as your business associate, I'm strongly advising that you get your shit together Just cool it with this Beneke guy, at least for now Okay? Let's talk shop because I think this is a great opportunity to channel some of that negative energy into something positive How did you know? Sorry? About Skyler, About where to find me just now How did you know? That's just my meticulousness

Don't bog down in detail, Walt The lesson here Did you bug my house? Yeah, but I didn't know it was your house, did I? You had moved out

Besides, you basically told me to I told you to? You strongly hinted that I should You were worried about your wife, remember? You were concerned she might say something to the police What? No, no, that's not true When the hell did I say that? Let's not get lost in the who, what, and whens

The point is we did our due diligence, and she didn't talk She kept quiet She stood by you, Walt Which, if you ask me, is the ironical silver lining here I mean, on the one hand, sure, she snuck off the reservation to get some dirty, damp, and deep

You're fired! You're done! Good Oh, boo-hoo, I won't cook meth anymore You're a crybaby Who needs you? Hey, I'm unplugging the Web site, so no more money laundering How do you like that? I want those bugs out of my house today

I want them out now! Oh, you just bought a $300 suit, psycho! <i>Door</i> Great, drilled right into the stucco Oh, a little bit of putty, you'll be fine Just make sure you get all of those things A, these things cost $800 apiece

These things cost $800 apiece B, you're not that interesting So yeah, I'll get all of them, Walter Great line of work, by the way Real upstanding field

Yep, well I enjoy it You're free to leave now

Anytime You know, Walter, sometimes it doesn't hurt to have someone watching your back Mr White? Hi What's up? I can't begin to understand what you're going through, Walt, with all of your health concerns and the stresses you've been under

Still, as educators, there are certain responsibilities we need to be meeting here to the school and to the students themselves Yeah, of course Is this a Wheaten terrier? Uh, Norfolk Norfolk? That's surprising Walt, could you come back over here and have a seat, please? Sure

You've been absent a lot recently, and when you are here at school, there have been some behavioral questions, and frankly I'm concerned Hm Thank you Are you feeling okay? And do you think maybe I should call Skyler? Um nah Let's just keep this What? Hey! Walt, what's wrong with you? You know, look, you're the one who was talking about DC, okay? This is how you get there You answer the bell You pay your dues

Besides, it's you know, it's a big deal to get picked for this El Paso's like the Super Bowl

I could get killed crossing the street, okay? Whatever I want to go What about last time? What about last time? Schrader Hey, Sheriff Yeah

Blue, huh? Yeah, yeah Thing is, uh Thing is I'm supposed to be getting on a plane right now

The stuff this guy had was blue You sure about that? Yeah I want to talk to him Taxi! Man, I'm sorry I needed to talk to you, but you weren't at your apartment

No, I moved back home That's good, right? Yo, did you just get fired? No! No No, no, no, it's, uh more like a sabbatical Indefinite Yeah So What's up? Uh, should we go somewhere? No This is fine

So, um, I want an intro to your guy What guy? Your guy Your distribution guy, The guy Saul hooked you up with No, no, no, no, no Come on, Jesse

I thought about it, and I want to It's the one thing I'm good at No, that is just not true You're good at a lot of things, son Like what? What about your sobriety? I told you

I'm not using Ever I just want back into the business Well, I don't I'm sorry

I know, and that's cool I'm not asking you to cook What's this? In the end, I just went with two reflux condensers I didn't want to lose track of my Ph levels, but I did everything else just like you taught me Super careful in my amounts and watched the numbers every step of the way

So what do you think? It's good, right? What in the hell is this? What? What? This This This is my product This is my formula This is mine

Okay, it's our product, but yeah, I was going to cut you in You were going to cut me in? No, no, no I cut you in What the hell is your problem? All I'm asking is for you to set a meet Absolutely not

Why? Because I am not going to lend my name to an inferior product I mean, look at the diameters here What did you use for reduction? Don't tell me Platinum dioxide, right? No Mercury-aluminum amalgam

The dioxide's too hard to keep wet All right, well, you must've done it wrong, then Your color is all cloudy, so you were struggling with distillation, too Now, this is very shoddy work, Pinkman I'm actually embarrassed for you

What? No way I gave out samples, and everyone said it was the bomb Oh, they said it was the bomb And who are they? I wonder Huh? A bunch of meth heads? Yeah

They should know, right? Yeah, well, sorry I can't help you Fine, asswad You know what? I'll contact the guy myself Oh, yeah? Good luck with that because my guy is a pro, and he doesn't deal with junkies

You know what? Eat me Anytime, loser Hey Hey! Hey Hey! I can't believe it's only 4:00

This day is dragging Mm I wish I could stay So stay What's stopping you? What? Like everything, you mean? How about my lunatic husband refusing to leave the house? So move in here

And then my son hating me even more Nah It'll pass I went through that with the girls They adapt

And now everyone at work thinks I'm an evil, ladder-climbing whore They're all fired effective immediately What else? Oh, aren't you the answer man Where did it Where did it go wrong, exactly you and Walt? I mean, I always saw him as kind of

mild-mannered Something, I don't know, change when he got sick, or? I don't know what changed, Ted, and I just don't feel really comfortable talking about it Sorry Just asking out of self-interest Got to make sure I don't make the same mistake

I would be amazed Just let me see if I'm following you here, Russell You got this stuff from some guy at Gasparza's who was wearing tan pants and who you're 80% sure had a mustache That's it, right? That's your brain working at maximum capacity? Russell Everything all right in there? Mel

The dude's name was Mel Well, there you go See? You served an actual earthly function I can't believe I remembered that Mel who? Does he have a last name? Yeah, uh, Mel

Wait Was it Mel? Um Mark

It was definitely an "M" name Oh, man, I'm losing it Wait, wait Yeah It's gone It's gone

It was an "M" name, though I remember the "muh" sound We'll go with the "muh" sound Thanks a lot Yeah

Appreciate it He definitely had tan pants Remind me to get a vasectomy Okay, it's after 9, so this bar that Girl George is at, probably wall-to-wall dirtbags by now Let's go have a little looky-loo, see if we can't find this M-named clown

What? It's a lead Lead to what? To Heisenberg I told you it was only a matter of time before this guy booted up again Here we go, my friend Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, Gomie

Just apologize and buy me a beer Man, you're reaching This stuff could be a knockoff or left over from an older cook How do you know Heisenberg's gearing up again? How do I know? Because I know I don't get it

This is the reason why you're blowing off the task force? Chase down teeners? I'm getting tired of all the second guessing If you're not sufficiently stimulated by this investigation, do us both a favor and ask for a transfer What is up with you lately? Starting bar fights? Turning down El Paso? And now this bullshit? Do you need to talk to someone or what? Talk to someone? Talk to who? I'm not trying to step on your toes, bro Okay? I'm just worried about you That's all

Appreciate that bro Now take your hand off my shoulder

Yeah, yeah, the one that was on TV Did any little piece fall on your property? I'm not looking for an entire wing here, Mr Linkas It could be a nut or a bolt It could be a bag of peanuts, Oh, no, no, no

Closed Uh, calling you back You had your chance I told you to get him cooking again, and you blew it off, and now it's too late The guy's gone mass maniac on us! All I wanted was to show you two your potential, and what do I get in return? A bone contusion

You want to see the scar? I wish you two had Hi, there How in the hell did you get Walt to

I made it You know the guy who knows the guy, right? Uh, good news is, for a stage three cancer, the guy's doing well physically Mentally, the guy's a disaster

He's gone off the rails over this thing with his wife My opinion, he's not coming back, not on his own Your friends were at his place again, by the way They drew something on the street outside his house The scythe

Animals Does the lawyer know? Should he? No If you want this guy to produce again, why not just tell him? You're the only thing that stands between him and an ax in the head I don't believe fear to be an effective motivator I want investment

For now, I'm simply interested in time frame He will live for the foreseeable future, yes? Mm, foreseeable, couple years at least, barring acts of G and men with axes

Oh, from the lawyer, I'm supposed to let you know the Pinkman kid is looking to sell I don't work with junkies That's what I thought you'd say Probably for the best What I hear, he and Walter are splitsville

Really? That's what Goodman says Cats and dogs Do the deal <i>You have one unheard message</i> <i>Agent Schrader, you need to be calling me back ASAP

Clear?</i> <i>I've got Texas breathing down my neck, and I'm not about</i> Yeah, I haven't see Matt Where can I find him, you think? No idea I haven't seen him

I know You said that a few times Yeah, because I haven't seen him

I don't know what else to say What's your name, darling? Cara Where did this come from, Cara? I I don't know What is it? Drugs? Look, I'm just going to come right out and say it Um, you're a bad liar, Cara Don't get me wrong Not the worst I've ever seen

Once had a guy try to explain the dope balloon up his butt on bad Thai food Still, you're not a very good liar I honestly don't know Stop You look like a good kid I'm not hereto get you in trouble, but you need to tell me where this came from right now! I never do stuff like this

I swear to God I tried it, and I hated it, so I just gave it to Matt Okay, and who gave it to you? Some guy, he came in a couple days ago and wanted to trade it for gas Some guy? W-What's his name? Okay, w What did he look like? I don't know Um He looked pretty normal You know? Um, white I think his hair was lightish brown

He had really blue eyes They were really, really blue He's dreamy Okay, w-w-what else? Piercings, ewelry, distinctive articles of clothing? Come on Listen to me

It's real important that I find the person that had these drugs, so if you can remember anything else about him Come on He drove an RV

Okay, good, good What can you remember? What kind of RV? What color? Did you spot a license plate? I don't knot the kinds, and I didn't see the license, but the color was, I think, white, brownish color I'm sorry I know I'm not helping you, but Cara Please tell me that that camera works Damn it Bingo

These eggs are good, Mom Thanks Hey, you know what's weird? Dad's Web site It's been three days since the last donation Yeah, well

people lose interest So how long are you off for? A few weeks Uh, we'll play it by ear

I probably pushed it, you know, going back to work so soon Think

Think I can get a ride today? Louis has a doctor's appointment Uh yeah Hey, so Dad can babysit now Right? You won't have to take Holly to work every day Sometime, maybe

We'll see What's up? I think you'll seriously enjoy, yo Wait No, no No

Wait Hey! Hey! Hey! What the hell? This is only half That's right It's your half Where's the other half, bitch? I mean, it was, uh

The whole thing was crazy, man Poor bastard I felt sorry for him

He actually thought we were the cable guys, you know? Anyway, uh, um, sorry about those miscalls, Chief I'm changing providers It won't happen again Are you going to El Paso, Hank? Hell, yes! With pointed boots and bells on Just I got this break in the Heisenberg case

The blue meth, you mean? The teenth? Yeah, well, that teenth got things rolling I traced it to a gas station in Cibola At's where I got these Now, the station's, uh, closed circuit, uh, was down surprise, surprise but I was able to pull some of these snapshots off an ATM security camera

Hey, now, I always thought these guys might be camper cooking, right? First off, your typical Class C motor home is going to grunt at least 5,000 pounds of interior fixtures, okay? 5,000 pounds at least, okay? See how high that suspension's riding? No way, no how, this thing's carrying that kind of weight I mean, this thing has been cleared out and stripped down to its tight and curlies For what? Blood bank? Maybe a bookmobile? There's no clear view of the plates Yeah, well, you can only get so lucky, right? But the fact that there's no front plate tells me its likely New Mexico registration I checked with DMV

There are only 29 of these early '80s Bounders registered in the state Only 29? Yeah So I got to go, uh, you know, knock on some doors They need you in El Paso, Hank You bet

I I I'm just going to wrap up this Heisenberg thing first So you're refusing the assignment No, I'm not I'll go It's just I need some more time

You're not hearing me, Agent Schrader You're out of time Are you going to El Paso now? Tonight? Just a simple yes or no No I can't

But that's only because I'm really close to something big here Better get to it, then <i>This is KECA 480, Albuquerque news radio</i> <i>KECA news time 10:13 </i> <i>Our top story this hour, Donald Margolis, </i> <i>the air traffic controller criticized for his role in the recent air disaster</i> <i>in which 167 persons died,</i> <i>was rushed to an area hospital early this morning,</i> <i>apparently the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound

</i> <i>Police won't say whether or not</i> Your half Okay, okay

Subs collected, corrected and if necessary adapted by TRONAR for "Breaking Bad Season 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 + Extras BDRip DVDRip HDTV TSV"

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