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< humming continues > < song humming continues> < humming > < humming > < humming > <humming > < humming > < humming > <humming > <humming > < ### > Please Brother

Still at the shower? Almost doneSister! < humming old song > < humming > <### > < humming > Super singers can pack their bags! What a talent brother-in-law! Are a born prodigy or special show for us stop kidding not talent but bathroom singing ok Cool then! But those incorrect words! of course, that is my talent Talent? he usually forgets them Stop teasing sister! cheap trick! Changing lyric is a talent? lyricists will die This is my talent, incomparable to theirs! My poetic skills are in play very interesting You still have that craziness? You are jealous of my talent Yes still have it Add clarity to your brother-in-law sake Exactly what I call it jealousy You don't have this skill, but won't appreciate me You should encourage him Very nice to hear No one revealed this to me, yet! Even your sister! You didn't even mention, baby! Tried to save you Sister

! My talent rusted, because of you! You jump to pull my leg, everywhere! bad, your sister didn't listen? Listened at first, then kicked me She is determined to destroy my talent Hence I am alive I cannot bear Sister-in-law, you should encourage talent! Why don't you recite a few poems I enjoy poetry Me too I like all the famous poets and their work I by heart most of them Tell me what you want WowI have a choice too! Look how versatile, Valli he defined categories too Thow me a sample Ok

Get ready! Listen up! Here is the first one! A black crow on top of a tree Super – bro-in-law! Beautiful black crowAwesome! Mor thrills ahead! A riffle is seen next to it, in bushes A riffle in bushes! Super rhyming! Hunter with upset stomach vomited! Did Hunter vomit? then what? He fell into a coma, after hitting a rock down Hit by a rock in a coma? No Went into a coma, after hitting it Let me recite again Hit a rock, and fell into a coma hmm

what next? where is the crow? I can see your anxiety! Fell into a coma, by hitting a rock! The innocent crow flew away! How is it? It was ok Unexpected content heavy emotion Impressive effort and contribution Thanks

Much needed encouragement Seems your brother-in-law liked it Why don't you recite another Yes We are yet to vomit? why not? oh no One poem is more than enough! Cut it When you are getting feast, why settle for an appetizer! No stopping now Poetry for Life Got to listen one more It seems I don't have a choice go ahead At least tell something simple and sensible Don't worry! I got them for you! well A special one for you An English-mix Very nice Bring it on Ok here we go Phone ringing – Calling bell tringing! Superb opening! Phone ring and bell tring Home phone ringing – calling bell tringing Shakil basha – confusing!!! Who is this basha now? That's his houselisten up! Wow-what a connection! hmmlet me recite again Again, no! Phone ringing – Calling bell tringing Shakil basha confusing whether to pick the phone or open the door Developing an active allergy Stop kidding, and interrupting me Basha mom entering Vegetable bag in hand Mom scolding Bag transferring curry making – in the kitchen Basha vegetable cutting hand-cut bleeding little little suffering Hold-on and control yourself Too much little little suffering – an awesome phrase No poet can reach or tap your skillset I can assure you Are we done yet? just two lines little little suffering basha hurt and crying mom consoling Shakil This is the poem, on mom & son sentiment how is it? speechless

! not mind blocking, but mind-bending poetry Until the last line, the thrill carried out unable to figure out mom & son sentiment what a suspense yaar?, Super! Thank you How about rhyming and English timing? Extra-ordinary but what made you write this? Just to rhyme, rhyming is life in the poem Adds needed flavor Rhyming adds power It didn't come across that way My grandma used to tell a proverb Don't rot on stupid rhyming Anyway, leave it It sounds good when the elderly say it Else it sounds bad Sounds odd No rhyme – no poetry All cine lyricists follow this pattern They might have mistakenly given that impression They are ignorant of your presence I stupidly ignored your sister's warning Really, you possess killer (people) talent Exactly – she undermined me since childhood Now you have big support – go for it! Little, too much but this doesn't answer changing words in songs unable to link it Once you are a poet, feel like changing words Interesting, please tell me clearly Simple Songs go by rhymes, with no meaning All I do is add words that rhymes with it You should listen to my own song lyrics now Make them listen to your own songs Valli – no way we can trouble him He might have forgotten me forgetting? no way No way I mean – forget it Don't worry, I cannot miss this audience Check this out Lyric

He: I follow you little rabbit Brother-in-law – sing it I will follow you little rabbit Now female, sister sing it She: No way, No way, stop following No way, stop following me Brother-in-law, now I will build a nest in your heart WIll put a sparrow in it Will deliver on love eggs Stop involving me in this, please Sister I will burn that nest, kill the sparrow and will break all the eggs I will burn the nest, kill the sparrow and trash those eggs Sounds like a typical Telugu song Valli, your brother's talent is very unusual Not less than any Telugu song All I need is one change I will take all cine lyricists for a home run They won't stay anyway, once you step in Your compliments are double-edged how about another song No need I saw your talent in one song One of my friends

producing a film "Kidneys dropped to knees" I will refer you to him Wow You are really a god sent That is my brother-in-law Sure, he doesn't have another choice to end this episode Whatever you are lucky bro! Valli, time for me to get a strong coffee Let me make some coffee Let me help you me too why they left without listening to my song? Did you see the encouragement? How good he is, and references Such a brother-in-law, gives you winning spree Time to write some more songs before I meet his friend What? you want to hear a song? Next time, for sure bye now

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