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पौराणिक माया सभ्यता | The Lost Maya Civilization | #Dead #Mayan #History #Entertainment


The Maya , it is considered to be one of the most advanced civilization that existed in America before the Spanish conquest A prediction was made thousands of years from today that this earth was going to destroy on December 21, 2012

So let us find out who was making this prediction Maya , a major civilization of Mexico , started in 1500 BC It was very progressive from 800 to 300 BC Maya peoples were very excellent in arts, mathematics, Architect and astrology and writing, as evidenced by there artifacts Where the peoples of rest of the world were living in darkness at that time, then the Maya people started cultivating and developing cities

In this civilization, the king ruled with the help of aristocrats and priests In his royal consecration to please Gods , sacrifices were made of not any animal nor money, but the sacrifice of human beings It was believed that by shedding human blood and sacrificing human beings, their deity gods would be overjoyed These people were also very modern in construction work, which is evident from the buildings built by the Maya people Like the Egyptians, these people also built many pyramids

But these people built the pyramid with the help of bricks and lime and also had stairs to go up These pyramids were the religious center of the Maya people and important religious rituals were performed atop the pyramids The greatest feature of the people of Maya civilization was that they were very expert in astronomy Because of which they used to get knowledge of many events, religious festivals and things related to birth and death long ago and in this way these people also made their own calendar Their calendar used to be of 290 days

These peoples of this ancient civilization had predicted the end of world on Friday ,ie, 21 December 2012 Date after December 21, 2012 was not present in the Mayan calendar and according to Maya people's prediction, for the first time in 26000 years, the sun was going to come in line with the center of its Galaxy Milky Way Because of which the earth would get very cold and there would be a shadow of darkness everywhere HOWEVER this prophecy has not been fulfilled and the earth has not ended but the Maya civilization definitely ended What causes the end of such a modern civilization is still the mystery and no one could prove it with a proof

But two theories of the scientists are available on the collapse of this civilization According to the first theory due to foreign invasion or rebellion this civilization ended Some scientists believe that due to massacre this entire civilization ruined According to the other theory, not due to invasion but due to the fierce dry and outbreak ended them forever The kind of samples of scientists have analyzed, it shows that from 900-800 B

C , the drought lasted for an entire century and it was the longest outbreak of Earth If such a advanced civilization ended due to natural calamity then today also such circumstances are generating Somewhere there is fierce fire or somewhere there is flood and rain This is the indication that

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