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1 2 3 5 Hi people, GameGeniuses on air, Pavel Sergeevich at the microphone going slowly yes GTA stream the third passage we have actually today we will continue and wait wait wait now it will be super super important ad just need need to give back to Cocos and Bacchus, right here bring all your glasses with courageous drinks to monitor, take it directly all brought yes yes like this I charge through stream

for victory so gentlemen continue it was very important to do because my third HDD is already dying literally before the start of the stream I launched GTA my HDD gave 3 sinister clicks game hung just then sagged and I understood exactly what is needed give to God thx Kate repost my respect so i really I don’t remember what we stopped if someone remembers write about this some chat so for the sake of ennard the radio will fall off because youtube fucked kick my ass so today we are trying radio smallpox and beehives ivan yakunin thank you great for repost base work a retribution apparently not to me it helped you did not all bring glasses ok wait damn gta start streaming problems already these are beaten swear words for victory yes that's right bitch it all hung up maxim I did not set fashion everything sagged and so yes ya why I have a spirit there is no third 1 Samsung flew then you are a summer resident flew away now that that steps ski 4 more stands I don't remember remember you too country either green or red I don’t remember here but while he is alive and Vladimir thank you for mission with let's go come on and bomb in base action first do i like call it looking like the main thing is not in well you get it said pizza hut said so you are in my previous say you squeeze here he is now it will also fall off will remain 1 hour hello how are you ok hello let's go that we are three of us required they apparently missed drugs like this so will you have to work your heads at least one goal will be yours I ask you destroy the drug factory for me leon and salvator if you do this for me you'll be the right hand get all that you want to go see 8 charge quietly you will need his experience to blow up a yacht I understood go to the point 8 it is necessary black, by the way, I looked at the face two artists are not blue I do not know here I am dad asked the guys the blue horn massive also principle can be taken nothing stand out so I looked at you and here everything else and at 320 often underground so we’ll collect by the way yes gentlemen who want to help and support the project not only in word but also a reference to is in the description and she’s somewhere on the screen also periodically appears how correct call comrades do it outside the streams for which thank you very much I By the way, I don’t read them very vain over I will probably devote but not a whole stream like some sort of start from I will devote some kind of stream to this business I’ll read out the message that was sent out stream with support and wish it will take dakar some long time, I think I’ll be a friend nice actually as well, but it is necessary was action 2 I drove over to mine you need to earn 100 pieces and I have got up to 200 24 thousand American so to speak rubles And the general Nastya give and concerts with baby whether by secret mailing they have already begun and dash volt bab is going need black q maybe almost stream smoke break 2 yes no well damn if I will raise all this is a very large number it will take time like this, at least with nearest coming at least from this years to raise that's what is before the new it was a year after need need need turn off the radio need urgently turn off the radio because their youtube youtube scolds and kicked May 23, he spent with the radio in the first stream, he said nothing starts 2 stream already so again again again fucking again 10 fucking mouth I'm damn right now, shorter now will do in the following way try mission so pass I hope now she will not give it from spring yes go quietly I'll throw it on another hard game and you actually continue normal because everything seems to be ass if possible volume to minimum put on the menu yes yes maxim where is a where is the audio settings group volume and let’s all the music volume right put on my daughter, I hope she does not forgets so there twitch knot no great sage great dear thanks for subscribing to twitch them thank you from the heart feather bed yes yes maxim over carry glad game on another stick out in after mission i we will do it quickly when I drink it starts work well retribution of bacchus and everything starts working really bad poorly brought their glasses with deferred drinks at the beginning of the stream let's bring all the glasses again let's go then Charge your thumbs up forget to affix for victory well, for the victory over so what do i need to do everything and him it needs to be covered, as I understand it, somewhere somewhere here rifle rifle as I understand it is necessary probably need to go upstairs here it is necessary yes I'm a little bit wrong and you oh mission itself failed failed comrade so okay i need to approach this matter on the other hand a little bit I don’t see a cyst for days, but I also I remember mixed up special ability as well decided stalgert how much is it with us 3 to 33 we just then count trying to overcome it old maxim remind me when I’m still in seventeenth in my year before hotel so to speak, start the gta series starting at 3 actually now on this channel business started photo 3 and further down the list so to speak including a most likely including an episode of wai city stories liberty city stories Now I have something again that 100 pieces will take bigass dunk yes as they say blacks always die the first one I have now is 100 more probably they took it he didn’t take him referee as the saying goes I found here that the right button the mouse the handbrake suddenly or just brake not I know in short we will come from the other side is shorter first I'll crawl out I’m shooting these comrades at least trying to do it that you don’t go either since somehow somehow probably here with this matter Toko a new sense security was alarmed at kim even at dinosaurs were not all played except 1 2 in London is the same as the first bit only action in which 60 what's there happening here in London tail in everything else she and in the first did not play but apparently You can watch youtube fully I first played from what from under the dos crazy tricks bonus this is all of course good and great so you need me collage immediately take in your hand and then aim will not work with him the third attempt dan killed did not sing a mustache because us something I have you goats buffer you somehow some finger on the tuba that's what I have asked for something buffer then so imposing fuck and I think I now I’ll kill the whole stream on this mission probably need to act very fast that is, how come with him he runs to the point and with it immediately and head and all shoot along the way shoot at comrades now a cache-pot sample schemes this deal really needs to be read i distracted by everything and everything and nothing I read now in short all the maximum concentration replace your position when you are first once you shoot, I’ll connect and I’ll all I need a shorter advantageous position first take and then with 35 and not close I go there very vain there for the first time went straight to meet this highly for a disadvantageous position but on the stairs he in my opinion cannot ship no we always so is hell and this is a candle comrade alexander came and started following youtube thank you dear thank you but not everything in to twice i saw the stream actually for now good too so I go to the point so to speak climb the roof no, I see what seems to be all there ok, but I'm changing this dumb one to only interests me dad under we said or everyone hangs as you can see by the sound they also call to see if you can hear me is it okay to hear the game is normal so wow and there are a lot of them by the way sniper normally seems to be the sight goes Oh so all is well with him all everything all like norms give yes maxim here because the so everything seems the right comrades will repost sunk not mishn compli so to speak there are seeds mission so wait but you can need to get in a car and here’s a friend of the family said if complete this mission become my right hand now what in authority on the map you can see the handset so say it it's not a mission there music is races in the last stream I could not get into it therefore in this stream there is no desire to go to her either because I don’t have anything at all directly it turns out especially in the ride stand only on the side where it’s convenient and kill yes it it's mexicans I'm stuck end not stuck only let's see what the last requests are there and while the maxim saver is going on for your beloved and VKontakte not yet no dad while maxim without without without your beloved so I will read everything for you from me one little work then we will celebrate there are cars from the luigi club near the block everything inside is smeared with brains we need help one guy straighten the brains i to and justify this mess drive her to the thresher before her find the cops ok i will try to do it of course but I promise nothing that something of this is good so little red on the map so right now turn left Oh I’m a special sense, not tea and how oh to battle comrades shoot manuru maun x so wait here p & g stole the block and rain as a message it read well apparently now he will pass it, not at all later possible on that's strong and this is a mafia car this is a trap at the exit from the bridge to Allah I in short it was necessary before I needed to read this whole thing wait until she appears or paste us exit yes yes on yes maxim posts need to go into a corner I already understood I need them a little to the south understood yes I already understood I already blew my ass and fucking bitch where evil looked begun actually died such things do not catch me hysteria whale let's go all max concentration on a mission then i well half an hour okay 40 minutes from the stream already passed I completed only one mission quietly quietly fucking dangerous dangerous dangerous who who generally such dangerous turns steel without barriers especially you and put a wife or something passed headlight edge 3 no you did not pass and I will not maximum straight generally what maximum headlights edge will be this first because he the coolest I don’t know when because now a bunch of a bunch of games a bunch walkthroughs they started they actually all almost everyone hangs right on the main world Tomsk with us walking relevance section and they need to finish to finish you need to put them again in the second lunch go through again to those very moment all cheated with with Honda I understand what is needed next oh oh oh oh oh oh man crazy what what doing can I have a car please, I don’t want to walk thanks classic yes maxim class oh fuck yes what is that second point groaned i need your car so here bang along the right to the data now would be another everywhere than but on the other your road Gasparyan is to ticket katalin zatek drilled in the frame square storm ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta and I’m steering it, but you can somehow no you can like like this like this like this more Portland such a weapon there is no me and no weapons but I remember how you to do I have Weapons were taken you can’t turn on the floor, well, then left listen and here she is welcome where-where good Well, I drove hard clicked now freezes it all depends probably orchard published two two clicks I already had a sound for us throw us was saved throw game and will start further knickers wonderful maria maria Josephine Khortitskaya probably fucking hard bitch Now generally in kira we finish here on this will end the passage of the gta series in general, for the time being, probably a stream it's a bitch why do you need a place to for personally but warehouse to deepen barely fucking mother the fucking name is already so that bitch or not fucking sandis bitch I think the translator if you remember yes now again it hangs shorter you need to save the boat throw yes urgently needed urgently saved and transfer the game to another card to everything went further or end stream so how much is there half an hour passed from him embarrass zaebat when filling so so won't do at all anyway where it won’t go that way cancel fuck singer Yakutia so not even not so huyevo so will not go earlier we are going to save and there is nothing closer bitch don't hang, he made that sound again Wow remember pour it she again so bake will you do meaning youtube itself bs yes it can't be stream should like everything should be fine there than we'll see So now look years yes not there while going fine at least youtube should go too youtube too should here yes all is well there we wait Vova went-went-went droop all we start it like that, it seems you need it quieter do first and so download so mouse mouse male tuning frames have audio settings ok controller controller mouse installation the controller that's it so it's gon now i'm I'll see how everything is like everything seems to be everything is good in relation to us to the parties so everything is all now hang nothing should maxim finally divided with broadcast Fargus life well maybe I don’t know we hope and believe that everything will be fine at least freeze no longer should i and you no one saw no one saw yes because my capture game purely on another hard threw this threw out tomorrow I have not decided yet bucket or window or somewhere else By the way, you need to throw them away huyam we believe till we believe sled translators there is not a couple more smoke breaks deuce paints on an article with a mafia photo from noisy zone profile drank driver wine laughed and it seems to me sometimes blah past athlete after english salvator gras hung because of my hard I have from another according to the count 3 spirit no yes I already said he makes three clicks and hangs when playing not only this is not only this game any any whole and she was hanging at the very beginning with characteristic sounds it is already to do this is no longer not the game itself until maybe she is there how are you talking about at some point it could freeze itself I myself have basically such problems on the go studied I sin of course you can’t sin on the block recently changed not to accept maybe yes maybe distribution goes wrong hard and something here they are for how much for six months literally I have 1 2 3 now I hope for this will end because I have there remains one worker to fuck me only 4 him no I could no longer nowhere and so already at the last art piri-piri threw the game no where else to throw after this mission when you eat reverse santon the game depends on a Let's see but there’s something to switch to English Perry not questions but what the brain was repaired bus like a brain a liver named what or what since get in the wrong way I than I am a little in my opinion in the wrong go to the side and there’s a wagon in Moscow fucking at he feasts 1200 american rubles so over how do u stop by I passed this moment where do I need a booze hanging you fucking mouth you missed the salvator for babyliss very cool cats fly in contact give fucking distracted by cats that fly Well, at least not cocks as it was in the swing I'm generally not for a smoke break, I, I, I, I'm tired I go pit oh I this time for sure by accident I already understood what for a while and weapons need yes weapons and along the way let's make ourselves first to this we go to bitch weapons along the way can be obtained but in general outbid everything I'm tired of it all shit can be cut out understand not at all seriously, I didn’t want at all happened but it turned out how it turned out here comrades sharply slow down and do not rush to whip okay oh wait wait here I am I'll take it for ass away from driving away and then but they can also catch up rockstar don't listen cool some fan why are you having a smoke break all no and I didn’t notice that the headlights are not it follows somehow I have not asked I played it in 2001 english bitch persia I didn’t understand but it was just worth it that was cool fucking this is just a lesson this is actually a revolution in the genre so cool she played were me there ten year old is incredible sex words so gentlemen smoke break for three minutes and continue cool fuck ayda here oh shout smiled into two groups but as wait and think down over maybe I can somehow here almost on foot we could reach almost mexico youtube hanging is okay with us there are centuries we have twitch if that comrades know where to look your vice versa back comrade salvatore need him under fill up in in the middle of the banner that's just rise yet need to fucking orangutan here how how how to be you need to remember where the bridge is what the hell are they going for me as yes what will you do can I can requisition your mushroom thanks and comrades and the police there on the table Jim so back back back time time you can’t lose right at all like need to call on the bridge very urgent very fast I'm lost go the wrong way that's all i understood need to do anything here is an option in all the rules brain submission something like in the summary where there salvator and leaves from luigi 1830 and still welcome somewhere did not have time read too fear not loaded this whole thing But you need this is done before to us need u need two steaming trunk well, or at least one if you spin around in league a I realized and somewhere here we get taganay to him how to detect 18 30 to said seems to be moving away from luigi 8 on why people if luigi he was written several translators if you will revolve around the club mafia you заметят но я не буду крутиться вокруг у клуба я постою здесь немножко а где задние вход ладно я немножко и самое здесь постою если что увидим на наверно there he is comes out а чё так много товарищ это прям крайне many let's я не так хотел press короче ладно я бы я понял надо найти самую на крышу входа куда я опять куда-то заехал не туда where to следовало я кошка взбесилась добро пожаловать лет почему нельзя карту целиком включить вопрос вам так где то асука здесь мы проедем да наверное какая сука когда на let's go всё я понял короче отсюда выезжая на право и там на мусс можно выехать у заднего выхода из автомата ну то есть где я взорвался там просто это какой сеньора сальватора где взорвался там просто встать и раз хуячить их ух-ты как я запомнил дорогу на самом деле не совсем но как-то интуитивно добро пожаловать и опять tube успел прочитать добро пожаловать в liberty city pussy и настя смысл я это вот здесь to fuck а все я понял сука он а в 12:30 это я думаю тут еще ждать блять придется в немножко придется you не операции да я могу поставить там как этот древний то валяется какой-то функции думать и она подняла напомню тоже нет валяется он пока еще bad фаллос и что там babette file as bad фолос shorter быть волос будет так не у двери не хочу я хочу здесь где секунд Well подожди я не туда что ли приехал там же написано было подожди пока сальваторе не покажет так сальватора уходит от в 12:30 ну а время уже 1240 from да блять тварь блять какого хуя он не сдох вот такая гута-банк я не понимаю блять кроме показа никита броня тарту из этого даже я блять пытался это аспирин и ввести не помог так как там и угольник суши продавались активированный еще яблочный сок apple juice уга уголь jus почему блять нет gps тот фара включается нет ой сарьян хайд первой локации другая канал что за хуйня с лари сваришь ли вы хоть пиздец сука чо они идут рискует так и во сколько он сестрицу сори сори сори за pizza пинали какого-то мудака блять ладно бабки мои блять сука что свято игрой keep calm файл и хит о дождь закончился вы and пока кстати времени можно отсюда их записи 3 раунд 3 ну-ка дай а

е блять он вышел radio ga ga ты ёбаные уроды как мне теперь за ним угнаться to fuck чё за пиздец так все а нахуя не буду все я отказываюсь играть все нахуй не не хочу все это пизду

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