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Батутный развлекательный центр


Yesterday I read an interesting story about how a ruined businessman accidentally found a new business idea for himself, immediately put it into practice and a year later from the launch he earns $ 32 million a year After the collapse of his business, Australian businessman Brent Grandi not only did not think what to do, he was more concerned that he had nothing to refuel his car

And he sat in prostration once at a children's party (to which he brought his daughter), watching how the children and their parents crowded together in a small game center Half of the guests simply stood because there was no room Including the daughter of Brent He had to tell her (to console): 'You are too big for such a center' And at that moment the idea came to him: why not create a game center in which there is enough space for everyone? So that not only children can have fun and have fun, but also their parents (and even grandparents)

So that you can safely run, jump, fall (But the truth is, a real family holiday is when everyone is having fun, not just some playing, but others watching) And he decided to create a trampoline center in which hundreds of people could relax at the same time So Flip Out was born – Australia's first huge trampoline entertainment center (its site is flipoutnet

au) Moreover, the first center was opened in the small town of Penrith (only 11 thousand inhabitants – this is to say that it is not necessary to start a business from the capital) And why the trampoline center, and not some other? It seems to me because it is safe for all ages In order to jump on a trampoline, no special skills are needed (well, whoever wants to do a somersault – let him do it) If you fall – so you fall gently, you will not break anything

To drown – you won’t drown (as in a water park) And you can run around, scream – as much as you like Anticipating future demand, Brent immediately began selling the franchise of his business and opened 21 trampoline centers in Australia in a year and a half, and today plans to open a similar center in Dubai and 13 other countries Only I decided to offer the Russians to pick up this idea, as I found in Russia a similar trampoline center – 'Zero Gravity' – nevesomostpro

Which is very reminiscent of the Australian Flip Out Center And which opened six months after the appearance of this presentation video of the Australian center: Only in the Australian trampoline center there are no supporting columns in the center of the hall, there is more free space The Moscow Trampoline Center also offers a franchise, but the corresponding link on its website does not work So you can safely create such a center yourself (if Moscow could, the Australian Penrith could – that means you can) Here is another fresh trampoline club – jumpway

ru What is needed to create a trampoline center? Spacious premises, trampolines (which are not very difficult to install, it’s not for you to dig a pool) and instructors (plus a buffet and staff) If you look at the available meager statistics on Australia: 21 trampoline centers, 350 staff, 32 million dollars a year (if it is Australian dollars, then there will be 26 million US dollars, which is also good) – you can estimate that 16 people are needed per trampoline center, And income from it can be a million dollars a year Why are such centers good? In the mornings and in the afternoon, they can serve as training centers (and gather one audience of clients), and in the evenings, weekends and holidays, they will be entertainment centers and will collect even more money audience There will be no downtime (as in our traditional sports schools and fitness centers)

And the desire to have fun is the motivator that works very well to ensure mass If you live in a small town (even if it will be 10 thousand inhabitants, as in the Australian homeland of trampoline centers), you can probably find an empty hall, the floor and walls of which can be covered with trampolines Brightly paint the walls, put the buffet, invite instructors (from among the athletes or physical education teachers), animators and organizers of the holidays Running, jumping, shouting, beating his head and body against a soft wall – there are many people who want to (in these children, they will definitely come with pleasure, and where the children are there are their parents) Especially in winter, especially during the holidays and during the times of the sharp fall of the ruble (when adults do not want foreign resorts, but want new sensations)

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